Dolly Doctor

10 things that happen when YOU do the dumping in a relationship

Cue: increased consumption of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

By Isha Bassi

We all know that being dumped is hard. Getting that ‘I just don’t think we’re working text’, or even worse ‘I just need some time to figure out who I am’, can send anyone into some major post-relationship blues.

On the flip side, what about if you’re the one doing the dumping? It’s still just as hard, and can make you feel hella lot of things.

1. You toss and turn over whether this was the right decision

Maybe he'll change!! I should totally call him...can I go back in time and undo this?! NO GIRL, NO.

2. You STILL reach for your phone to message them by habit

Oh hey, he'll love this funny dog meme...oh wait.

3. You're still stalking them on the ~interwebs~

Can I still like their Instagram photos? We're still friends...ah maybe not.

4. You still get super protective and jealous if they're spotted with another person

UM, excuse me. You back off right there!!!

5. You still go back over old photos and reminisce about the good times

:( :( :(

6. You still watch Bridget Jones' Diary and fume over why your relationship couldn't work out

Bridget slays, why can't we??

7. You still jam out to 'All by myself' by Celion Dion to release all that ~angst~


8. You try to act strong in public cause technically you weren't the one who was dumped

But FYI you still feel like crap.

9. And most of all, you still miss them too

But you gotta constantly remind yourself that this was for the best.

10. After a while things get easier and you're ready to get back into formation