Dolly Doctor

Your step-by-step guide to asking your crush to the formal

Be brave, take a breath, you can do this!

By Josie Rozenberg-Clarke

Does the thought of asking another human to your formal give you cold sweats? With this step-by-step guide, there’s no need to freak. You got this.

1. Talk to yourself
Not in front of your maths class, obvs. Go into the bathroom, check that no-one’s around, and give yourself a strong dose 
of positive self-talk in the mirror. Y’know, like, “You can do this.” “You’re amazing and extremely dateable.” “Yep, you’re at a Kendall Jenner level of cool.” “Harry Styles would definitely want to hang out with you.” You’ll practically skip right outta there!

2. Change your mind
No-one is gutsy enough to stroll up to their crush and loudly request their company at only the BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Even Katniss Everdeen wouldn’t volunteer as tribute for that brutal task. But don’t let that voice inside your head talk you out of it for good. Imagine the regret you’ll feel 
if you don’t ask; you’ll be face-palming until you finish school.

3. Breathe
This is an important part of the process, because a) it keeps you alive and b) it will calm down those pre-asking nerves. Try some slow, deep breaths and you probably won’t hyperventilate in your crush’s face, which is always a bonus.

4. Master ‘casual’
Try to just chat normally with your potential date before you veer into asking-out territory. But trust us, it’s easier said than done. You’ll probably turn tomato-red and allyourwordswill

5. Memorise your lines
You don’t need to go 
in with a three-page Shakespearean monologue committed to memory. Just repeat 
the asking part to yourself first, cos there’s nothing more awks than verbal fumbling. A suggestion: “So [insert crush’s name here], I was just wondering… did you want to 
go to the formal with me?” RIGHT?! Super effective and to the point.

6. Ask
Yep. Pretty important, but in the heat of the moment you might actually forget how to do it. Open your mouth and use your speaking parts to make words come out.

7. Wait
Warning: the few seconds between you asking and your crush answering will straight up be one of the most agonising, drawn-out moments of your entire life (and yes, that includes enduring every family function that you’ve ever been forced to attend). Plaster a look of cool indifference to your face and try and wait it out.

8. React
Whatever your crush’s response, be it, “Yeah sure, whatever” or “No way!” just try to reply with dignity. So no victorious fist-pumping or instantaneous crying, you hear? If they said yes, 
go you! Simply say, “OK, great!” and say you will chat to them later. If they say no, then it’s their loss. Reply with a classy 
“No problemo”, silently curse their name and plan your next move. Just don’t swear 
off love forever – there’s plenty of formal date-less fish in the sea.