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How to deal when the holidays have taken over your body

Bikini rash? Smelly feet? Weird sleeping habits? We've got you covered for all your summer body probz!

By Matt Galea
How to deal when the holidays have taken over your body

While summertime may be the most lit part of the year (hellooooo beach days!), the heat can seriously take it's toll on your bod! Here, we share all the best tips and tricks to combat your summer body dramz.

Beat smelly feet.

Gross, we know. But a totally real problem in the warmer months. Podiatrist Luke Sempka tells us how to prevent the stink.

-Fact: your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body. "Wash them daily with antibacterial soap and dry them properly to help prevent profuse sweating and smells," says Luke.

-"Smells are caused by bacteria that live on the skin and produce an acid," says Luke. "Combined with heat and confinement of shoes, the result can be overwhelming." Go barefoot as much as you can in summer, or wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

-And before you put your shoes on? "Lightly cover your feet with talcum powder or baking soda," says Luke.

-"If you're wearing closed-in shoes, always wear socks, but avoid nylons - this just aggravates the heat and sweat," says Luke. Wool or cotton is the way to go!

-Don't wear the same shoes every day. "Rotate them, or if you can, wear a different pair each day of the week," Luke advises.

-"To stop shoes smelling, fill an old clean sock with baking soda or fresh kitty litter and tie a knot at the end, then put it in your shoes overnight," says Luke. "For stubborn odours, put the shoes in a plastic bag in the freezer. This affects the bacteria and helps return your shoes to normal. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and anti-odour and antibacterial sprays can also help."

Avoid rashes down there.

At this time of year, you may find bumps and redness appear in your bikini area - so keep it to a minimum with this advice from Embarassing Bodies expert, Doctor Ginni Mansberg.

1. Be aware of your skin: "For girls with really sensitive skin, or who suffer from dermatitis or eczema, chemicals like chlorine and sand rubbing on the area can make things worse," explains Dr Ginni.
"If you're prone to rashes, take a second cossie to the beach and do a quick change after you swim."

2. Beachside showers: "At the beach, get into the shower and have a good wash to get all the sand out of your bikini bottoms," says Dr Ginni.

3. Already got a rash? Dr Ginni suggests trying an over-the-counter 1% cortisone cream from your local pharmacy first, which you can keep in the fridge for a cool relief. Head to your GP for something stronger if it's not working.

Find the right sports bra.

Summer = going for sunshine-y runs and playing weekend sports, so make sure your bounce is in check with these tips from Berlei designer, Anthea Fox.

For A cups: "You still need to be supported while exercising," says Anthea. Crop tops will give you modesty for low-impact exercise like yoga, but then for running or team sports, look for more supportive bras. "Be sure the band around your underbust is firm and you fill the cups without space."

For B or C cups: "You need a little more support, like underwire styles. They'll keep each breast supported without flattening your shape. You'll also get more support from a firm band around your underbust, plus shoulder straps that are adjusted so you can only fit two fingers under. Look for racerback styles for extra support and flexibility."

For D cups or higher: "Look for styles with higher necklines so bounce is limited. Wider, padded straps will help reduce any dig-in, which can leave a mark, and adjustable slides will help keep a firm supportive position. Make sure your underbust band is firm and you're not spilling over the cups."

Stay chill all summer long.

Holiday habits got you down? Practise the power of positivity thanks to wellness coach, Debbie Spellman.

So you think: "Ugh, I woke up feeling so 'blah' today!"
Try this instead: "I have control over whether I want to enjoy my day or not!" Look for the positive!
"If the sun is shining, be thankful for the beautiful day," Debbie advises. "Even if you don't feel like it, go out with your friends and do something you enjoy."

So you think: "Argh! I've slept in and wasted half the day!"
Try this instead: "I slept in and that's OK!" It doesn't mean your entire day is ruined. "Be kind to yourself. Maybe you needed to sleep in. Rather than dwelling on what you haven't done, think about all that you could do with the remainder of your day - and remember that tomorrow is always a new day," says Debbie.

So you think: "I've eaten like a pig these holidays!"
Try this instead: "Today is a new chance to get healthy." After all, every day brings you a brand new opportunity to look after your bod. "Rather than feeling bad about how much you've eaten, make the decision to start choosing healthy food options and incorporate fun exercise into your day, like grabbing a friend and going for a walk," says Debbie.