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How to do #SLAY everything you do

Inject these quick and easy changes into your life and the whole world will seem a little bit brighter.

Be a better sister
Whether your younger sis has worn your favourite top and spilt chocolate milk all over it or your bro tells your crush about that time he caught you booty shakin’ to Beyonce, you’ll always have a lot of love for those little rascals. So why not show it? Bake your sibs some muffins or cookies over the weekend, get up earlier to put their toast on for them or put a cute note in their lunchbox to show how much you care.

Be better at school
Scenario: Your English essay is due in a week. Sunday comes. You read the essay question. Open a Word doc. Type the heading. Check Facebook. Type the question. Check Instagram. Read the question again. Ping! Text from your friend. Monday morning comes and realisation hits that the Word doc is still empty.

Sound familiar? Here’s how to beat that pesky little thing called procrastination.

• Plan. Write in your diary when all your assignments are due for the year. Next, write a rough timeline of when you want to have each assignment done by. This way, you’ll stay on track!

• Find a quiet place. Set up your study area away from any distractions like electronics, food, pets and other people (‘cos when you’re around these things, you will always want to tweet/eat/play/talk).

• Rewards. Set aside five-minute breaks each time you write a paragraph to do whatever you want. This will keep you motivated to finish it!

Eat a better breakfast
If you’ve skipped your morning meal, it’s probably one of the reasons why you feel like a zombie all day. Eating a nutritious brekkie packed with energy and nutrients will ensure you’re feeling good for the whole day (and not needing that 3pm choc fix).

Try these delish options:
• Avocado, poached egg and pepper on a wholegrain toast.

• Warm oats with sliced banana, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chopped nuts (try almonds, walnuts and cashews).

• Muesli, yoghurt and berries.

Get his attention a better way
If you like him, don’t wait for him to figure it out (‘cos boys don’t always understand the subtle signals!). Clinical Psychologist Gemma Cribb at Equilibrium Psychology gives her tips to make sure you stay on his mind long after the school bell rings.

• At school: Sit next to him in class and say hi to him in the corridor. “Give him a compliment. Notice something he’s done well or is into and praise him for it," says Gemma.
• At a party: Make eye contact with him across the room and flash those pearly whites. “Involve him in a conversation and touch him lightly (eg. on the arm),” says Gemma.
• On the weekend: “Text him or Facebook him something you have come across, read or found that you think he'll be into. Ask him open questions "what are you up to today?" to show him you are thinking about him,” says Gemma.

Be a better friend
Sometimes all a girl needs is her BFF. A handwritten note delivered to her doorstep will make her feel special and strengthen that sisterhood bond. Print andc ut out this little note and give it to her.

Get better confidence
Confidence is key to loving all your flaws, whether it be the gap in your front teeth or your impatience. Gemma says to “write in a journal one thing you did well today before bed every night and do one nice thing nice for yourself daily, like using your favourite body wash! You should also ask someone to tell you one thing they like about you. Use a different person every day and you can repay the favour.”

Make a better blog
DOLLY blogger Emily Jane ( gives her top five tips on how to make a blog and successful as her own.

  1. Only post your best content. When a new reader comes to your blog, there will be tons of great content with quality images and writing, and it will make them more likely to follow you.
    1. Use social media. By setting up an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account you can promote your new blog posts, reply and talk to your readers and build up a blogging community.
    2. Stay organised. Juggling school and blogging can be quite difficult, but if you have strong time management skills it makes things easier. Carry a journal around with you and write down any ideas you have while you're out. Inspo can strike anywhere!
    3. Be original. There are so many bloggers out there so it's important to stand out from the crowd. Find your own unique writing style and have heaps of fun with it! Always use your own images, or link back to the original source if you have taken an image off the internet.
    4. Set goals. Start of by setting small goals, like reaching 1000 Instagram followers, and set bigger goals for the future.