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How to start a vlog by YouTuber Joey Graceffa

We caught up with Joey Graceffa to get some expert advice for becoming a YouTube star.

How to start a vlog by YouTuber Joey Graceffa

To celebrate the release of his new book, In Real Life, DOLLY caught up with YouTuber @JoeyGraceffa to find out his advice for vlogging newbies.

Joey's tips for starting a vlog**
1. Get amped up! You’ve got to have 
a lot of energy. If you’re not excited, 
why would your viewers be?
2. Define your personality and keep it consistent. Find your unique voice.
3. Make daily things, like going to the grocery store, way more thrilling than 
they actually are. For example, get really psyched about that sale on kale.
4. It’s always good to have someone 
to bounce things off. Enlist a friend, family member, or a cute pet (hi, Wolf!) 
for you to interact with in your videos.
5.** Come up with something that no-one else has ever done before to make you stand out. If you come up with a concept that you think is awesome, do some Googling and make sure it’s not already out there.

How to make a viral video
There are no instructions. Seriously, I’d 
be a billionaire if I knew how to do this because the elements that cause a video 
to go viral are varied and random, though usually it has to do with an undercurrent 
of what’s happening culturally at large. You can basically chalk it up to posting 
the right video at the right time, and there is nothing more painful than watching a branded video that you can tell was made in a pretty obvious attempt to go viral. The cringe factor is equal to having your weird uncle show up to a dance as a chaperone and start moonwalking. Now, that’s a video that would probably go viral.

Dealing with online haters
Here’s the thing about the internet: for every cool new person you discover, there’s also a nasty troll ready to take 
you down. When I started my own Joey channel, cruel comments were hard to take because they were directed at me specifically. But by that time, I’d already learnt how to tune out the negativity by focusing on the positive. The way I dealt with it was to go offline and surround myself with people that I knew loved me while I gathered up my emotional strength. During that time off, I had a lot of time to reflect, and what I realised is that life is short – way too short to let strangers knock me down for doing what I love. The best advice I can give is the advice everyone gives: ignore the haters and don’t ever engage with them.

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