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10 epic ways to start a convo with your crush with over text

Save hours of over-analysing with these perfect convo starters...

Okay. So you and your crush have been talking more in class, sitting next to each other on the bus and have now exchanged numbers.

~5x Applause Emojis~

But what now? Instead of spending your Friday night tossing up between sending a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ or 'Heyyyyyyyyyyy', we’ve come up with ten fool-proof text to get the conversations off to a head start!

  1. “I will buy you Maccas after school if Mrs Smith says “SETTLE DOWN” at least 5 times tomozIf there’s one thing we know, your potential boyfriend unlikely to turn down an after school snack, and the likelihood of your Drama class going cray? #guaranteed

  1. “Ughh, I am trying to get my science homework done but all I can think about is sending you this baby octopus emoji."

This is the best, and most subtle way to let your crush know that you are thinking about them right now.

3."I heard from a little bird that you wanted to see the new Avengers…?" You know your crush has been liking every Avengers movie post on facebook, so it’s obvs he wants to see it. BOOM. Instant date.

  1. "I had a premonition. There was pizza, and a movie… oh and you were there.From this epic text, your crush will a) discover you are hilarious, in case he wasn’t already aware, and b) set you up for a pizza session.

  1. “You’re hotter than a KFC zinger burger #tbh.**"

There’s no denying it, that thing is HOT….and so is he fist pump.

  1. *“In three emojis or less, how would you describe yourself?”

FACT: everyone loves emojis, and this is an opportunity for him to define himself via emoji; he’ll see your interested and won’t be able to resist this too-cute text.

  1. “All these sweets but I still choose you. "

This smooth-as-chocolate pick up line is a piece of cake! (soz).We guarantee this will make your crush smile or at least attempt an even cheesier reply.

  1. "Hey! Do you know when our English assignment is due?"
    separate text
    "OMG MY BAD meant to send that to Stacy! Darn autocorrect"

Not ‘darn autocorrect’ but YES AUTOCORRECT! You will be thanking that little annoying little automatic corrector for giving you amazing opportunities like this one.

  1. "Knock Knock"
    (Who’s there?)
    (Dwana who?)
    "Dwana go to Max Brenners?"

If he doesn’t even reply with at least a ‘LOL’, then he’s not the right guy for you.

  1. " Random Question Time : Who would you pick to play you in the movie of your life?"
    FACT: people LOVE talking about themselves.