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How to be more confident

Find out how to gain confidence in yourself around your loved ones.

How to be more confident


This seems really weird but... when I’m around my family and friends I’m so shy that I can’t act ‘normal’ I have a younger sister and she is the most confident person I know and I feel completely horrible because I’m the opposite to her. I want to gain my old confidence back and get my old body back and minimise my blushing because I feel disgusting and yuck every day.


A lot of young people who call Kids Helpline say they experience similar feelings to you. I’m wondering what it was like when you felt you had confidence? What’s changed from then to now? I’m also wondering what you mean by you can’t act ’normal’ around your family and friends? Normal can mean lots of different things to people.

One of the things we encourage at Kids Helpline is to try to accept yourself for who you are. This also applies to how you feel about your weight and body. It’s important to accept that there are some things about physical appearance you have control over while other things you don’t. A person’s shape is largely determined by genetic make-up, their stage of development and to some degree their diet and lifestyle.

I encourage you to have a look at our ‘self-esteem and body image’ hot topics at to find out more about what you’re experiencing.

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