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Beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen comes out in an inspiring video

You go, girl!

This week, beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen, decided to talk about her sexuality and came out in a new video posted to her YouTube channel.

After two decades of hiding her sexuality, Ingrid took a brave step by coming out to her Internet family of over three million subscribers.

Masssssive hugs

In her vid, titled Something I Want You to Know, Ingrid wastes no time beating around the bush: "I guess I'm just going to get right to it. There's something I want you to know, and that something is... I'm gay."

She continued, "It feels so good to say that. This moment is real and it's here, and I've been waiting for this a long time."

Ingrid goes on to tell her very personal story that includes details on her experiences growing up as a gay person and her history of relationships with men.

"I want to live my life unapologetically," Ingrid says.

"Because I am proud of who I am."

Preach it sister!

If you are yet to come across Ingrid, she usually makes videos on beauty, fashion and healthy food how-tos, that are bedazzled by her quirky and cute personality.

No-one can tell this heartfelt story better than she can, so check it out for yourself. It's a tearjerker gals!

Words: Brittany Wheeler.