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Why is my period so late?

Is your period pattern a little out of sync? Are you having trouble keeping track of when you're due for leak week? We hit up DOLLY Doctor to help explain why you're period might be late.

My period is late


I've had my period for two years now but for the past six months they have been really irregular. Sometimes I miss a whole month, and the usual is about three weeks late? What is wrong with me? (I have never had sex).


What you're describing is a little unusual because periods often start off irregular and develop into a regular pattern. It can help to know what defines 'regular' - because it doesn't mean they have to come exactly a month apart. A period 'cycle' is measured from the first day of a period to the first day of the next period. This can be anywhere from 21 days (3 weeks] to 5 or 6 weeks apart and vary each cycle. However if they come more than 6 weeks apart or less than 3 weeks, and if this pattern continued for more than 6 months, then it's worth having yourself checked out. Periods can become irregular due to hormone fluctuations, if you're on the pill, due to weight loss or weight gain or a change in eating patterns or stress. Your doctor can see you and help work out if it's anything that needs more attention.