Dolly Doctor

Liam Payne broke down on stage while performing

And our heart shattered into a million pieces watching it…

We don’t want to say One Direction are solely responsible for all of the tears we’ve shed over the last year, but we reckon they’re at least 90 percent to blame.

And with Liam Payne breaking down while performing "You and I" at a One Direction concert in Cardiff, we've upped that figure to 92 percent. Anyone who denies that IS A ROBOT. Or much less of a Directioner than us.

While belting out the song to his thousands of fans, Liam was suddenly overcome by emotion and Niall walked over to give him a big, manly hug to comfort him. SOB.

Now we're not ones to spread rumours (much... KIDDING) but we've come to three possible conclusions as to why Liam leaked from his eyeballs:

1) Payno had a fight with his girlfriend Sophia Smith. If this is the case then the world as we know it will cease to exist and we'll be hibernating in the ice-cream aisle at Coles until we recover.
2) They ran out of M&M's and Pringles backstage and instead of getting hangry, Liam gets had (hungry-sad). That's a thing, right?!
3) Liam had an onstage tantrum because he found out Ariana Grande and Niall Horan had a helium balloon party and he wasn't invited. TBF, we would've had a similar reaction.

But seriously, we dare you not to feel all of the emotions after watching it.