Dolly Doctor

Apparently losing your virginity has something to do with your genes

Or so this ~study~ says.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The latest study some grand old scientists have conducted will probs make you 3000% confused.

BUT it's that time of the day when we talk about S-E-X!

A team at Cambridge University has identified there's a link between your genetic make-up and the age you lose your virginity.


Dr John Perry - one of the authors of the study - found biological factors make up a quarter of important decision making. Basically, if you carry any of the 38 genes associated with risk-taking behaviour then you're more likely to have sex at a younger age, regardless of the morals/rules your parents instill in you.

Deciding when to lose your virginity seems like a pretty ~dayum~ important decision - so you can thank your genes for that one.

Whatever forever!