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New research finds another side effect of The Pill that none of us had any clue about

How the heck did we miss this?!

By Amber Manto

Ever since the The Pill became available as a form of contraception in Oz back in the 1960s, the side effects have been pretty well-known; breakthrough bleeding, sore breasts, weight gain, mood swings and nausea.

Fast-forward 50 odd years and new research has uncovered another side effect that none of us had a clue was even a possibility.

How the heck did we miss this all these years?!

The research, published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology journal, found The Pill can alter how we process our emotions.

The small study looked at 73 women (30 who were on The Pill, 18 who weren’t and the remaining 25 who were on The Pill but were on their week off) and it was discovered those women who were on The Pill struggled to be more empathetic than those who weren’t. This worsened when the women was on her off week (her period week/sugar pill week).

It’s common knowledge The Pill can cause mood swings and heightened emotions, but this is the first time it’s been recognised that it can actually lessen emotions, making us almost numb to things that we would usually find upsetting.

So there ya go. Obvs the study was very small so ya know, if you don't cry at that puppy commercial don't blame it on The Pill juuuuust yet.