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One Direction translate: How to speak like a 'Directioner'

Consider yourself One Direction's biggest fan? We teamed up with the @1DTeamAu street team to find out everything you should know as a 'Directioner'.

Consider yourself One Direction's biggest fan? We teamed up with the @1DTeamAu street team to find out everythingyou should know as a 'Directioner'.

Things a 'Directioner' would know:

• One Direction are “amaZAYN, phenomeNIALL, fabuLOUIS, extraordinHARRY and brilLIAM!".

• "Vas Happenin" (coined by Zayn).

• Niall likes Nandos.

• In one of their video diaries Louis said he likes girls who eat carrots.

• As a kid Liam had a strange fear of spoons and he still has it now!

• Louis has two famous dance moves: 'Pat the dog and screw the light bulb' and 'Stop the traffic and let them through'.

• Larry Stylinson - Directioners are very big supporters of the bromances. Larry (Louis and Harry) is the most popular bromance.

• Vain - Zayn is vain.

• "No jimmy protested": In one of the video diaries, Louis was reading a book to himself and he randomly screamed out "no jimmy protested!".

• During an interview the boys randomly decided to change their names to another name that rhymes with their name.
o Louis: Hughy and Chop S
o Harry: Barry
o Zayn: Wayne
o Liam: Ian
o Niall: Kyle, Kitchen Tile and Nail File

• If Liam could be any type of food, he'd be a birthday cake because he could wait a year to be eaten.

• Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad. Or so he thinks.

• "Simple but effective" (coined by Harry).

• Louis is a very big fan of the shoesToms.

• Niall loves Justin Bieber.

• Liam loves turtles, but his own died.

• Directioners hold Simon Cowell responsible for creating One Direction, and originally called him "Uncle Simon". Then Simon tweeted that 'Uncle' sounded too old and that he'd rather 'Buncle' which is a mix of Uncle and Brother.

• Louis' mother calls him 'Boo Bear' and, as much as he hates it, the boys also call him it.

• 'Inbetweeners dance': The popular dance move forOne Directionwhich is also featured in theOne Thingmusic video.

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