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One-on-one with Zac Efron

The hottest guy to emerge from Disney (since Aladdin!) sat down for a chat with DOLLY about life in the fast lane.

The hottest guy to emerge from Disney (since Aladdin!) sat down for a chat with DOLLY about life in the fast lane.

How do you handle your crazy fans?
“I have to put myself in their shoes and understand that feeling. [Once] I was in France and we were promoting High School Musical and [Director] Kenny got a phone call and he put me on the phone and I’m like, ”Who’s this?” And [the voice] said, ‘It’s Michael’. It was Michael Jackson! I was like talking to my idol on the phone and I didn’t know how to react; I was too emotional to even speak. So I think about that, and then I see the looks on some of these girls and I hope I’m not disappointing them and I’m very proud to be that for them.”

Is there anywhere you can go where people don’t bother you?
“I went to Coachella, the music festival in California, and I didn’t want to do the VIP route ’cos it’s weird. I went in disguise; I grew a moustache, and it was great – nobody looked twice.”

There are a few ghosts in Charlie St. Cloud. Have you had any ghostly or other-worldly experiences?
“There was a haunted house, next to my house where I grew up. Nobody would go in it. It had these broken boards and there were all kinds of weird stories about what happened. One time me and my friends went in. We had to hike this real tall grass field to the front porch. There was this smashed window in the back, so we went into the house and looked all around, and we walked up [to] the top floor and the attic and when we got up there we heard a bunch of noises and we were like, ‘What is that?’ and all of a sudden bats just kind of flew out at us and we got scared s**tless and ran out. I’m pretty sure that place was haunted.”

If you were a ghost what would you do?
“I would just mess with people all the time, play pranks, I would just steal things and hide them. Like when you lose your keys … that was me!”

The movie has a few teary moments. When’s the last time you cried?
“Toy Story 3 at the beginning and then like twice at the end. What the heck!? That’s embarrassing!”

Now that you’re living away from your parents do you do much cooking?
“I can follow directions and I think that’s mostly what cooking is. I made lasagne a couple of nights ago from scratch. Actually, no I didn’t, not from scratch, I didn’t make the pasta, but … (laughs).”

What have you learnt about relationships?
“You have to have fun and never take it too seriously I guess. What happens a lot in high school, I think everyone gets really wrapped up in relationships. Remember, keep it fun, don’t move too fast.”

How much time does it take to do your hair? It’s amazing ...
“Thanks! Literally I mean, you can count the seconds on your hands. I just got up this morning and went (gestures) yeah.”

Three things you didn’t know about Zac...

"If there is something strange and everyone’s sort of afraid to eat it, I’m usually the guy to go for it. I’m not afraid to try new things … when I was in Mexico I ate live larva … it tastes like cream of corn.”

"The first thing I do every morning is cannonball into the pool. It’s the best way to wake up.”

"I always have music on. The other day, I found out my biggest expense isn’t electricity or gas – it’s iTunes. I spend way too much on music, movies, apps, and games. I’ve got to get that under control."