Dolly Doctor

Constantly oversleeping? Your parents might be to blame


By Amber Manto
Sleeping beauty

If you’re constantly getting to bed late only to spend your mornings hitting the snooze button, struggling to make it out of bed and yawning most of first period, then you might want to thank your parents.

New research by Vox has found being constantly tired is not always because you’re lazy or can’t keep a proper schedule, it’s simply to do with genetics. While most people’s internal body clocks (the thing that naturally controls your sleep patterns) is hardwired to get shut-eye between 11pm and 7am, around 40% of people don't follow this mould; they're either night owls or early risers.

So if you're absolutely ded at 9am but totally alert and reorganising your 1D poster collection at 1am, then you're possibly one of the people who make up this 40 per cent of people who have a ~different~ body clock. One who doesn't appreciate getting up to witness the sun rise.

So next time you’re getting heat for not getting out of bed on time for that ridiculous 8.45am school start time, just tell your parents it’s actually their fault so a little shush please. XX