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Expert has now confirmed that period pain REALLY HURTS!

Finally, the acknowledgement is real.

To the surprise of absolutely no girl ever, an expert has pointed out that period cramps are really, really, REALLY painful.

You know feeling of a midget running around in our ovaries every month? Well apparently, the pain is so #real it's similar to the feeling of a heart attack.

^^ Yeah, we've all been there.

We hope our 8th grade P.E. teacher is reading this and finally understands all those times we begged to sit out of physical activity was legit.

This said expert, John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London told Quartz there's been a real lack of research that has gone into that ~bloody~ time of the month...#sorrynotsorry.

"Men don't get it and it hasn't been given the centrality it should have. I do believe it's something that should be taken care of, like anything else in medicine."​

Don't stress though girls, we have some fab tips to help stop those pesky heart attack, we mean period pains. XOXO

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