Dolly Doctor

Here's why you should NEVER pop pimples


By Sammy Stewart

It's a pretty normal thing to feel a sense of joy after squeezing the core out of a pimple. Heck, there's an entire section of the internet dedicated to it.

But just like most enjoyable things in life (chicken nuggets), its not particularly good for you.

In fact, you should NEVER do it and after you read this, you'll avoid touching that big white spot on your face, forevz.

In the middle of your face is a ~danger~ zone you should NEVER, EVER touch. It goes from the bottom of your lips to the top of your nose and the reason why you should always avoid this area is because it contains blood vessels which drain down to the back of your head and eventually to your brain.

When you squeeze your spots (especially with unclean hands) you can add all sorts of nasty's into the blood stream, resulting in an infection.

TL;DR version? DON'T POP YOUR PIMPLES. Leave that stuff to a trained practitioner.