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These 8 sneaky things could be making your teeth yellow

Can u not?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Yellow teeth

There are a lot of ~sneaky~ things that can make your teeth yellow, and some of these might surprise you...


A yellowish tint on yo teeth can actually be passed down - thanks Mum and Dad!

Not flossing

Well this is pretty obvz, but flossing isn't just good for your gums. Good dental hygiene will keep your teeth white. Too much plaque can make your mouth acidic which will eventually wear away at white enamel.

Soft drinks

A fizzy drink may taste delish with your Big Mac, but you can defs stain your teeth from it. The phosphoric acid, which adds flavour to the drink, weakens tooth enamel which causes staining. Ew.

Hard toothbrushes

As much as firm bristles on your toothbrush may feel like you're doing a better job at cleaning your teeth, it actually wears away at the enamel! Damn this enamel is sensitive. Soft bristles are the toothbrush of choice, go tell Mum to add one to her shopping list.

If you own an electric toothbrush, don't press down on your teeth and add unnecessary pressure.


It's alllll an ~illusion~!! If your skin tone is lighter than your teeth, then it'll make your teeth look more yellow! Rude!

Darker complexions help make teeth look whiter, it's all about that contract ya know? Time to fake tan...


Ugh, so apparently ~some~ acne-fighting medication can stain your teeth, as well as some antihistamines and blood-pressure meds. Nope, no likely.


Pool chemicals can actually affect the colour of your teeth. ICK! But never fear, the stains can be easily removed by your dentist.

Not drinking enough water

We all know drinking a lot of water is good for your health, but it can actually keep your teeth whiter. H20 anyone?