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Scary things you'll ~all~ experience in your first relationship

Take a deep breath.

By Emma Akam

First relationships - the ones that go past flirting during class or over text - are damn scary. There is so many new things that you worry about and trying to deal with them seems so daunting. But it is all normal and expected for your first romantic ~relationship~.

Feeling inexperienced.

Your first relationship is exactly that, your first. Feeling like you're in way over your head is natural, so take your time. Building the relationship with your partner is the only way you'll learn how you are together. Don't rush into things if you don't want to!

Those #awkward silences.

Sometimes you know you have a good relationship when those awkward silences aren't awkward. You can just sit in peace and enjoy each others company. Don't be put off if sometimes the conversation stops flowing - you'll pick it up again and everything will be fine!

Kissing? How? What? OMG.

Overthinking things like how to kiss, when to kiss and if you're a good kisser are super normal. Take a break from analysing your peck and relax. Go with the flow, let the kiss be natural. You'll figure out what is and isn't a good kiss. If you're still worried, check out these 10 tips on how to be a better kisser.


As much as our parents getting involved in our love life might seem annoying, it is a lot easier for them to approve of your relationship. There is no easy solution to sorting out small feuds over your relationship but being open and talking about the problems can help.

When should sex be part of our relationship? Am I even ready?

If you're questioning whether you are ready for sex, then you're probably not. What is important is that you're honest with yourself and partner. Remember your first time isn't going to be amazing and things aren't like the movies. Even if you think you're ready, there is more things you should know about sex.

The reaction from your friends.

Whilst relationships are between two people, there is usually a group of friends attached. Some of your friends might approve of your new bae, but others might dislike them. Give them a chance to get to know each other. Remember your friends are only looking out for you.

Your first fight.

Small disagreements and arguments are common in relationships but it is knowing how to deal with the problem and move on which is important. Talk rationally about any issues you're having, don't let things bother you until you feel like you could just explode. If fights get out of hand, maybe it is time to call it quits.