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There will soon be contraception made out of seaweed because SCIENCE

Well this is new.

By Bianca Mastroianni

When you think of contraception, you probably don't relate it to sushi (unless you're having cravings - thanks period).

What comes to mind is either those pesky lil pills or an IUD, but scientists have out scienced themselves and discovered some hidden talents in ~seaweed~.

'Sticky beads', or artificial eggs, are the newest development in contraception which are made from the sugary material extracted from seaweed.

Help I don't talk science...

Basically the sticky beads trap sperm, preventing pregnancy. YAY!

Experts have called the design "very impressive" and we can see why as it will offer a form of contraception that doesn't cause mood swings, weight gain and other side effects like the pill can.

Who doesn't want to use a contraception that is kinda sorta linked to mermaids anyway?

Sign us up.