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“The world was against us.”

Selena Gomez opens up big time about Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez

Sel has seriously opened up in a candid interview for V Magazine. It probably helped that the dude interviewing her was her mate James Franco but she spoke about everything from past relationships to how she coped with anxiety.

Although she doesn’t mention Biebs by name, she gives a nod to their relationship stating:

“When you're young and you're being told so many different things . . . It almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way. It was really weird but it was incredible."

Any regrets? Nope, doesn’t sound like it. Selena said: "I would never take it back in a million years."

Sel also opened up about feeling depressed: "I wouldn't leave [my home] as much. I think I drove myself crazy a little bit. It was just easier to say, 'Hey, do you mind running to the grocery store and picking some stuff up? I don't want to get photographed.'"

Thankfully, she sounds like she’s in a really good space now. She told Mr Franco: "I think this year is going to be incredible. I feel the best I've ever felt in my life.”

How refreshingly honest she is! And hey, she’s got Zedd now – onwards and upwards, Miss Gomez.