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Myths your friends tell you about sex which are actually total #Nonsense

Lies, all lies!

By Bree Grant

Let's be real when you're talking about sex with the girls at school the convo often suffers from a SERIOUS case of over-exaggeration. Luckily, we're here to #CutDaCrapola...

Your friends say: "It’s not a big deal, everyone's doing it!”
THE TRUTH IS: Yeah, it might feel that way since everyone always seems to be talking about sex. But in reality only about 11% of high school girls have actually done it... so don't let your friends pressure you to keep up.

Your friends say: “Sex is over after the guy comes. That’s the point of it.”
THE TRUTH IS: When it comes to sex, there’s a lot of talk about how sex and everything leading up to it is just to make the guy orgasm. Then you’re done, finite, finished... Wrong. While that’s the general mechanics of making baby, two people usually have sex so they can feel a connection with each other and experience pleasure together. In a recent survey by the Young Women’s Advisory Group, the majority of girls don’t even know women can orgasm.

Your friends say: “We tried all these different positions and went for ages!”
THE TRUTH IS: We probably don’t need to tell you this but sex isn’t just about physical side of things, or having marathon sex for that matter. It’s about having an ~emotional and physical~ connection with the person you chose to sleep with and enjoying the experience. You don’t need to spend hours twisting yourselves into a pretzel to have amazing sex.

Your friends say: “You guys are TOTALLY going fall in love after you have sex.”
THE TRUTH IS: Despite what every rom-com ever suggests, you won’t just magically fall madly in love with the person you chose to have sex with. Sometimes the connection is a little more physical than emotional and that’s ok. You just need to make sure you both understand what it means for you before getting down to business.

Your friends say: “Why are you scared to have sex? Don’t be so fridget.”
THE TRUTH IS: If you’re friends are saying that, you might need new ones. But seriously, not having sex doesn’t make you fridget and you shouldn’t feel pressured into it by your friends. When the time comes and you do want to have sex, it’s important that you’re comfortable, happy and confident that it’s what you want.

Your friends say: “Having sex when you’re a teenager makes you a slut.”
THE TRUTH IS: Firstly, that word is horrible and should never be used to describe another girl. Like all things in life, people experience different things at different stages and that’s ok. It’s about being ready.

Your friends say: “I’d fake an orgasm if I were you, so he feels good about himself."
THE TRUTH IS: You shouldn’t have to fake anything in any relationship. If sex doesn’t feel good for you, or doesn’t make you orgasm you should talk to your partner and tell them how you are feeling and what’s going on. In what might be one of life’s most unfair inequalities between men and women, only 57% of women can actually orgasm of every time they have sex, compared to 95% of guys.

Your friends say: “WTF? You guys have been together for six months and you haven’t had sex?”
THE TRUTH IS: six months, six years, 60 years, it doesn’t matter. If you aren’t ready or don’t feel comfortable having sex yet, you don’t have to. The decision of when you are ready to have sex comes down to you and the person you chose to have sex with, not your mates.