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9 signs that your friends are TOTALLY trying to ditch you

Sneaky, sneaky...

By Isha Bassi

One of the biggest myths that TV shows and movies have given us is that the demise of a friendship has to be this big, explosive thing. I mean, yeah, sometimes things can totes escalate, but it’s not like you have to become their worst enemy or even someone they dislike.

It can even be an unknowingly mutual decision: the two of you have grown apart, have different interests, and end up with fewer things to talk about. Other times the ending of a friendship can be more one-sided and your former friend is trying to cut you lose as best and as subtly as she can.

Although it can be super hurtful when you finally realise that friend of yours is trying to cut you lose at least you can be more emotionally prepared if you look out for these 9 sneaky signs.

1. Making up seemingly legit excuses to hang out

We would never dispute whether a friend’s mum would let them hang out, but when did her parents get so restrictive about it? Especially when there seems to be no problem hanging out with your other friends. #Awks.

2. Acting like they want to hang and then they flake

So, you’ve finally locked in a place and date to catch up after talking about it for ages…but then she never shows and sends a flaky text! Once is understandable, but if keeps happening that could be a sign.

3. Asking if you REALLY want to do something

They’ll start doing some reverse psychology crap to see if you actually want to go this place, or actually want to do this thing as a ploy to just avoid doing it entirely.

4. Accidentally forgetting to invite you places

HELLO? Your invite did NOT get lost in the mail…that is SO 90s.

5. Delaying responses to your texts

In the words of Kanye West: "the purpose of a text is to get a quick reply. If I wanted to wait I'd just write a [BEEP] letter."

6. Switching up routines out of nowhere

Usually you eat lunch on the benches near the canteen, but one day your ~squad~ nowhere to be seen. You find out that the new spot is near the library, but the next day they’ve switched back to the old one?! Rude, but that’s some strong signals there.

7. Not replying to your snaps

You know they’re totes busy, but you put so much effort into that snapchat and to receive no reply…ugh.

8. Finding out about big moments in their life from another person

And then having to get the classic '"oh, didn't you know already? EVERYONE knows that..." spiel.