Dolly Doctor

Six confidence hacks

Unleash your inner-confident chick with these expert-proof tips…

How to be confident

Confidence tip: Accept yourself

Being “different” to other people is never a bad thing – it’s something you should embrace and let shine. “Every time you beat yourself up you are simply eating away at your confidence,” explains confidence and life coach, Lisa Phillips. “Whereas, every time you say something nice about yourself, you will build up your confidence muscle. Every morning, name three things you like about your personality, and let it shine.

Confidence tip: Fake it till you make it

Think super confident people are always feeling overly confident? Uh uh. “Most people have no idea that you may not be feeling very confident on the inside, so take a deep breath and go for it!” recommends Lisa. Smile, be friendly, try to relax and very soon you’ll feel confident for real.

Confidence tip: assume everyone likes you

How many times have you been standing up to do a speech at school imagining that everyone’s secretly laughing at you? It’s time to banish these thoughts. “We really have no idea what other people think about us, spending too much time worrying about this will hold us back in life,” explains Lisa. “The key is to like yourself and approve of yourself.” So next time you’re in a nerve-wracking sitch, imagine that everyone likes you (‘cos they should) and you’ll put everyone at ease.

Confidence tip: Look the part

If you had to describe what a confident person looks like, we’re betting you wouldn’t say they had slouched shoulders, downcast eyes and a closed look on their face, right? “A good posture will not only project more confidence on the outside, it will also help you feel more confident on the inside,” explains Lisa. “If you want to look like you are confident, stand up tall, put your shoulders back and make eye contact.”

Confidence tip: surround yourself with positive people

Ever been hanging around with an insecure friend only to find that their insecurities have rubbed off on you? Hanging out with positive people who make you feel good is probably the most fun way to up your confidence levels. “In the same way that happy people can make you feel better about yourself, negative people in particular can knock your confidence,” explains Lisa. “If you do have a friend who is insecure, why not work together to get out of your comfort zone?”

Confidence tip: Don’t rely on others to feel self-assured

If you only feel confident in what you’re doing when someone else says what you’re doing is great, you’ll be seeking people’s approval forever. “Don’t rely on other people to ‘give you’ confidence,” explains Lisa. “Work on your own confidence and believe in your own abilities. We all have unique talents so don’t try too hard to be like everyone else – be yourself!”