Dolly Doctor

15 gross things your crush has most definitely done

Boys will be boys...

By Grace Back

Yes, we'll admit that us ~girls~ have our fair share of gross habits that go down behind closed doors. BUT, it's nothing compared to our male counterparts who are the #kings of gross stuff.

Here are 15 things every guy has done at least once...

1. Worn the same pair of sweaty shorts to the gym a handful of a row

Yep, no time for cleaning when you got those #gains to work on.

2. Worn the same jeans for a few weeks straight

Brushes dirt off jeans, feels clean as heck.

3. Flipped their undies inside-out because, well, laundry

Damn, that feels fresh!

4. Done the ~smell test~

Mmmm, can smell it from here. Tangy.

5. Basked in the smell of their own fart

Probably rated it and differentiated the smells to various food groups.

6. Delayed showering only to relish their own scent

No explaining necessary.

7. Picked their toenails and left the remnants wherever they fell

In the couch, on the floor, in the bed...basically anywhere that's ~not~ the bin.

8. Picked their nose and examined the contents for colour and texture

And then flicked it...

9. And then getting the ~pesky~ boogers that wouldn't come out by vigorously blowing their nose at the floor

Not. even. kidding. EW!

10. Stuck their hands down their pants...only to have a sniff of their fingers after


11. ...and didn't bother to wash their hands after

Nope x 2.

12. Eaten food on the pooper

Who said men couldn't multi-task.

13. Then took a picture of said poop and sent it to their friends

Especially when it was big/unique/special in some way. Again, not kidding.

14. Not cleaning their bed sheets for months

Don't get us started on the pillows...

15. Shrugging off skid marks

Like, meh...NBD, right?

Excuse us while we go cleanse our brains...