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Tammin Sursok shares her painful struggle with body-image as a young girl

She's posted a bunch of #throwbacks on Instagram.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Tammin Sursok reveals her struggle with weigh as a child

You wouldn't think that someone like Tammin Sursok, full of confidence and majorly successful, struggled so hard with body-image as a young girl.

Not too long ago, she shared with New Idea how she was bullied as a young girl for being 'overweight', sharing a photo of her younger self.

Now, she's opening up even more, revealing just how horrible of a time she had when she was dealing with all these issues.

Sharing more photos of herself on Instagram, she wrote, "We are seeing is everyones (sic) 'highlight' reel, the filters, the perfect families, the perfect bodies - and I know there are many people out there who are struggling, who don't feel like they are enough, who have no hope.

"This is not about weight, it's about positive change from whatever negative situation you find yourself in.

"I PROMISE you, you can change your life. You can get out of a painful situation. It takes one positive step in the right direction. Just one step."

If Tammin can get through it, and get a #killer acting career (duh, she's Jenna in Pretty Little Liars), then anyone can.

Tammin is now married, with a gorgeous little daughter, Phoenix. It's safe to say she's #killinit at life RN.