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Here's a tampon-removal story to get you cringing for the next decade

Cost of embarrassment: $900.

We love a good old period story here in DOLLY HQ, but we can’t stress enough the importance of looking after yourself during that time of the month – aka shark week.

This woman has a horrifying tale to tell regarding a $900 tampon removal story, which will probably make you convert to pads forevz TBH.

Elite Daily writer Alexis LaFata has very candidly shared with the world that one time a tampon got stuck in her vagina after being round at a guy's house.

Yikes. We are already cringing.

She describes frantically trying to find the tampon up her ahem hoochie, but when she couldn’t find it she worried it was in the boy's bed.

BRB, exiting the earth.

Anyway, she rushes to the ER with her pre-med room-mate, she describes:

“I’m at the hospital,” I said, looking up at the ceiling and closing my eyes tightly. “Why?” my mom asked. Her tone was even. Not angry, anxious or amused. Just waiting. “I got a tampon stuck in my vagina.” “Oh God, Alexia!” she cried, the “God” emphasised by her thick New York accent. “How did THAT happen?” “A…guy.” “Alexia!” I glanced at the door, anxiously waiting for a doctor to come in and interrupt my horrific phone call. “How much is this gonna cost us?” she pressed. I could hear her roll her eyes.

If that wasn’t awful enough, the experience she went through with the doctor will make you wince.

“He spread my legs and peered inside me. I looked for any changes in his expression that may have indicated that he found something, but he was putting on his best poker face, so I leaned back and tried to calm my nerves. He started pushing at my inner thighs. “A little more. A liiiiitle more,” he instructed, spreading them uncomfortably and maneuvering himself to get a better angle. Finally, I felt something cold, and then a light tug. “Did you find something?” I asked nervously. “up!” he said, holding up the mummified tampon. It looked exactly like I pictured: a dead rabbit’s foot. “Ew.” He chuckled again and put it in a plastic bag to throw out. “How far up was it?” I asked. “Oh, you were never going to get that yourself,” he said, pulling his rubber gloves off. “It was all the way at your cervix, and the string was pretty tightly wrapped around the cotton. You must have been going at it really vigorously.”


All in all it cost $900, so we can imagine that phone call to angry mumma wasn’t one we’d want to experience.

Another FULL ON reminder not to leave your tampon in for too long or forget about it. Particularly with the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome or any other health implications.

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