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The secret to drinking enough water

Pssst… it’s all in the bottle.

The secret to drinking enough water

You’ve probably heard it one million and one times and yes, we're sure it's been ingrained into you since you were a young child: “You must drink eight glasses of water every day (blah blah blah)..."

And don't get us wrong - we too think that chugging down two litres of water everyday can sometimes be mission impossible. But prepare to be amazed… the solution (believe it or not) is all in the bottle.

The key is to make drinking water fun. We know this might sound crazy but we have pulled together some genius options that will make you look forward to your next gulp - really.

The pretty bottle
Just like brand spankin’ new work-out clothes give us the motivation to exercise, having a new pretty work-out bottle gives the same motivation. Chances are if you love the colour or patterns on your bottle, you’ll be using and flaunting it as often as you can.

The getting shiz done bottle
If you’re not a girly-girl then maybe the pretty bottle won’t work for you. You’ll need something more convenient and sturdy for simply getting stuff done. Try a large volume sporting bottle with a built-in filter.

The game changer
We know that drinking two litres of water can be a bit bland. So if you are like us and have a bit of a sweet tooth, try infusing fruit into your water bottle. It is a healthy solution that can help you reach your daily intake of H2O. It will also look super pretty sitting on your desk.

Words: Brittany Wheeler.