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According to ~data~ this is the day you're most likely to break up with someone/get dumped

Brace yourselves, the day is coming soon.

By Bianca Mastroianni
This is the day you're most likely to break up with someone

2016 has not been a great year for love.

We have seen a lot of break ups, but holy freaking moly we may be in for even more!

Did you know there is a specific date in which you will most likely break up with your other half? Or well... a day you're most likely to be dumped. Yikes.

According to Facebook data, the 11th of December is the day of the dump.

Two weeks before Christmas?! What?!

WELL... it seems to the ~the~ time to do it, because you get to get out of buying gifts for your other half, get out of spending the holidays with their family and it's a great time to ~get back out there~. Yeesh.

"It's better to be authentic then have to fake your way through turkey at his mother’s house when you know he is getting the ax," Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity told US Glamour.

She added, "It makes it challenging to enjoy the time together when you are filled with regret and remorse. And, any post-holiday references he makes will make your stomach turn. Be real and get the deed done. It will spare him the 'I can't believe she strung me along' feelings."

Well then, this has been sufficiently depressing.