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There’s a ~mysterious~ text being sent around that’s shutting down iPhones

iPhones can’t even right now.

Now this one sounds like the plot of a Pretty Little Liars episode.

iPhone users are being warned to keep a lookout for any unusual characters or codes in their text messages, because there’s a secret code that can crash your mobile.

It’s basically a vey specific character code sent through imessage, and if you open it, your phone can crash and reboot.

Hmm this does sound like the work of –A.

But unlike Spencer and the gang, there is a way to avoid this problem.

The first two words in the text message are “effective” and “power” followed by a line of Arabic and the pi symbol.

Who even thinks of these things?

It’s still a mystery to what actually causes the phones to shut down. Some people have found their iphones to just simply turn off, while others have completely crashed, and some phones don’t respond whatsoever.

So far, the damage of the text all comes down to your settings and users are being warned to change their message settings to “show on lock screen” so they can be warned if the ~CuRSE~ is coming their way.

TechRadar have already got Apple working on a solution who are already planning to defeat the iPhone curse with their new update.

Meanwhile, the internet’s been whipping up a storm of memes to compensate with the all the drama…

Word: Samantha Stewart