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The UNBREAKABLE "condom of the future" is here and what a time to be alive

No excuses now.

By Bianca Mastroianni

One of the most horrific things that can happen when ~doing the deed~ is realising the condom has broken. EEK!

Condoms don't only protect you from getting pregnant, but are also the only contraceptive that reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. So it's safe to say they're pretty damn important.

Now Lelo Hex has come out with a condom that out-condoms every condom ever. Praised as the "condom of the future" by Tech Insider, this condom is... wait for it. UNBREAKABLE!


The main difference is the latex. Instead of being clear and rubber-glove looking, it has a hexagonal shape etched into it which is what supposedly makes the material almost impossible to break.

Take a looksie at this:


Lelo founder Filip Sedic told Tech Insider: "People say, 'I don't use it because it might break.' Give me a break. But people will still use that as an excuse. We have to make sure to eliminate all of these excuses."

The super-doms sell for $12 for a 12-pack online.

The future is here, guys.