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Update: Alex from Target

The latest on the boy who became a worldwide meme…

Update: Alex from Target

For all of you wondering whatever happened to Alex from Target, we can put your mind at ease. He is alive and well - and doing his best to extend his 15 minutes of fame by going on tour this year.

Yep, from bagging groceries to signing autographs, good ol' Alex from Target is pretty much a celebrity (even if he would be on the D-list).

If you having been residing under a rock and missed the whole 'Alex from Target' thing, let us quickly catch you up to speed.

Last November, Alex was just a regular (and pretty cute) teen who was working the check-out at Target in Texas, America, and so happened to be photographed by a keen-eyed customer who tweeted his photo.

Yep – that was all it took for #AlexfromTarget to become a trending topic on Twitter and subject of countless memes.

Cashing in on his newfound fame, Alex appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gathered hundreds upon thousands of followers (over 700k+ fans when we last checked) on Twitter.

And if you thought he was just going to go on back to working the check-out, you were mistaken.

He has since created his own YouTube Channel and has plans to go on tour with DigiTour (a social media and music festival).

Pretty crazy to think how much his life has changed from one innocent little snap!

Check out some of his YouTube vids below: