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Vagina smell a bit funny lately? It could be your diet


By Amber Manto

Everyone’s vagina has a slightly musky, fishy scent which is totally normal but sometimes it can get a bit too stanky down there and you’re left wondering what the heck is going on. Sure it can be due an infection – which also usually comes with a change in discharge too (and if that's the case book into the docs asap) but your diet can also play a part in your V’s odour.

This is because our vaginas are sensitive little things, and even the slightest change in their normal slightly acidic pH level (which is between 3.8 and 4.5 FYI) can throw them out of whack and leave them smelling a bit off for a couple days until the pH level returns to normal.

Here are the types of food that could be throwing your lady garden into a spin:

1. Red meat: Vegetarians know the benefit of not eating meat – a healthy vagina. That's because red meat can throw the vagina’s pH level off, resulting in a scent that's a bit, er, off.

2. Onions, garlic, spices: Anything with a strong scent is going to make its way to your lady parts and slightly change the smell. This is coz your body sweats out the scent, and that includes the sweat you produce down there.

3. Asparagus: You probs know this vegie can make your pee smell a bit funny due to compound it contains, but it’s possible it can also affect your vagina scent too. Hmm, if only it wasn't so delicious.

4. Sugar: While the white stuff won’t affect the scent, if you eat way too much you may increase your risk of yeast infections such as thrush. So maybe skip the M&Ms next time.

5. Water You’re not drinking enough of it. Just as H20 helps you maintain clear skin by flushing out toxins, the same can be said of your lady parts. Water helps flush out your system, preventing possible infections and keeping everything humming along nicely down there.6. Dairy: Another culprit wreaking mischief on your lady garden, throwing things out of whack. However yoghurt, particularly Greek yoghurt, actually has the opposite effect. Due to the good bacteria it contains it will help your vagina maintain a healthy pH level.

So what should you be eating? Basically the same foods that are good for your skin, body and mind are the very same ones which are good for you v-jay – think fruits, vegies, whole grains and as mentioned, plenty of water.

If the scent of your vagina has changed dramatically, is quite pungent and hasn’t returned to normal after a few days, it’s always best to book into a GP to get everything checked out.