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5 ways you're actually making your period WORSE

Ahhh, well this sucks doesn't it?

By Anna Bradley

There are many perks to being female – diving into a sea of new beauty prods after a successful trip to Priceline is just one of them ;-).

Something that is certainly NOT fabulous in the life of us gals is... da da daaaaa periods. The devastating pain you felt when Zayn left 1D is NOTHING compared to those monthly cramps.

There are a number of medical conditions that can affect your period (like endometriosis), but you could also be unknowingly making them WAY worse by doing these things:

#1 You’re slack when it comes to taking The Pill

When you first go on the pill, you’re told to take it at the same time every day without skipping any days. If you’ve ever forgotten to take it a few days in a row, you’ve probably noticed random spotting or bleeding. But what you may not have noticed is that when you eventually get your period, those cramps are much more intense. Moral of the story: be vigilant about taking your pill so this doesn’t happen.

#2 You’re sleeping sucks

Research condutcted by Health Care Women International found gals who have irregular sleeping patterns (we're talking to you, night owls) can get longer and irregular periods. So, while you might not be able to get the full eight hours of sleep per night when you've got an essay due the next morning, try to get your sleeping patterns as regular as possible to avoid wreaking havoc on your ~flow~.

#3 You’re a stress-head

Your period is all about hormones and stress affects your hormones (woah, right?!). So, it should be no surprise that stressing out can really impact the severity and regularity of your period. It might even cause you to skip it altogether which can make you more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. Try to give yourself enough downtime to reduce stress. You could even try meditation to help you chill out if school/family life really has you wigging out on a regular basis.

#4 You’re going overboard on caffeine

Unfortunately for us ~lady folk~, caffeine is the devil when it comes to your period coz it can increase tension, anxiety and stress – all of which are also increased before and during your period. Caffeine + PMS = serious mood swings. So stay away from the coffee, fizzy cola and energy drinks.

#5 You’re working out too much

We’re all for keeping fit and healthy and exercising regularly, but going overboard with your training can imbalance your hormone levels and cause you to skip your period. Basically, using up too much energy (by training too frequently) will cause the body to shut down other functions to preserve energy; your menstrual cycle being one of them.

This article originally appeared on Beauty Heaven.