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8 ways your body is telling you that something ain't right

Respect the bod, love the bod.

By Isha Bassi

Too often we find ourselves becoming waaaay too busy to make sure we’re living a balanced, healthy lifestyle #Nuggets.

Most of the time it’s no big deal, but sometimes your body will send you a couple of signs to let you know that something may be up and it’s time to fix it.

1. Headaches

There are number of factors that can be linked to headaches, but one of them can be from drinking too much diet soft drink. The artificial sweeteners within them can trigger headaches, irritability, an inability to focus, and even migraines. YIKES!

So, next time the urge strikes you for some thirst-quenching diet coke try a bit of sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice and a squeeze of lime. It may not taste exactly the same, but your body will thank you for it.

2. Chapped lips

Lips are a reflection of the health and hydration of the entire body. If your lips are chapped and you’re constantly have to use lip balm or lip gloss to soothe those babies, then this could be a sign that you’re majorly dehydrated. Headaches, infrequent urination, dark yellow or smelly urine, and dry skin are all other indicators of this, so make sure you get hydrated by sipping more water, drinking herbal tea, and getting some additional serves of fruit and veggies.

3. Constipation

Yep. It’s time to talk about some good ‘ole p-o-o-p. If you’re not expelling some on the daily this can lead to toxins from the bowel (that are usually eliminated through your ~movements~) causing some pretty uncomfortable digestive problems, as well as hunger pangs, energy slumps, and skin problems. Easiest way to remedy this is by eating more legumes, fruits, and whole-grains that are chock-full of fibre and other nutrients.

4. Skin rash/eczema

When your bod tries to digest something that doesn’t quite agree with it, it can cause some chronic, low-level irritation or inflammation in your gut. Your skin is the body’s largest elimination organ so often a skin rash or eczema can be a sign that the body is trying to slough out some toxins. Other signals can include gas, bloating, fatigue, sinus congestion, and foggy thinking. If this happens it’s best to probs visit your doc who may put you on an elimination diet to pinpoint the offending food.

5. Fatigue

Yawning more than usual? Coffee not quite doing it this morning? Feeling a bit jittery and agitated? Well, too much caffeine and not enough rest, relaxation, and nutrients, can cause your body to majorly crash. In the short-term caffeine can give you increased focus and energy, but if you overdo it on a regular basis without giving your bod some much needed rest it will quite literally run out of steam. Make sure to rest up and get those 8 hours of sleep when possible, as well as limiting the amount of caffeine you’re consuming.

6. White spots on nails

Those random white spots you sometimes see on your nails are actually called leukonychia. They usually manifest as white spots but can also appear as horizontal or vertical bands, and sometimes a whitening of the nails. Most of the time they either indicate a zinc deficiency, or a little bit of harmless trauma caused when you may have hit your nails against something. The only thing you can do is wait for the nail to grow out, but make sure to call your doc if you have any other problems.

7. Eye twitching

Eye see that eye twitching. . . haha (bad joke, we know). When your eye twitches it’s most likely due to stress, fatigue, and caffeine. Make sure to rest your eyes every once in a while and limit that caffeine intake.

8. Thinning hair

Thinning hair is usually linked to low iron levels. A blood test can confirm this for ya, and they’ll probs recommend you to eat some iron rich foods and take an iron supplement.