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All the ways you can break your hymen *without* having sex

No, it doesn't mean you lost your virginity when you put a tampon in for the first time...

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ways you can break your hymen without having sex

The female hymen has been very misunderstood.

So what even is it? It's a thin membrane at the vaginal opening, but it's forever been linked to sexual intercourse and the loss of virginity.

But, didja know the hymen doesn't even break at all. Yes, your first time having sex can cause a little blood, but that can be caused from completely different reasons, such as lack of lubrication. The hymen doesn't "pop" like a "cherry" (yep, that's where that saying comes from), but it stretches.

It's also possible to "stretch" or "break" your hymen without even having sex, and these are some ways that could happen...


Duh! It's goin' up that hole, and they're not exactly soft, malleable products are they? When tampons first became popular, companies had to assure people with their ad campaigns that they'd still be a 'virgin' after using them. Lol, because that's how one loses their virginity...


Monkey bars, playground, working out and even team sports can land you on your butt most times. Well we hate to 'break' it to you (sorry) but these types of injuries can stretch the hymen. In most cases, you won't even know it happened.


While your body grows, your inside is changing too. As you get older, the membrane that make the hymen tends to grow weaker, and naturally, stretch.


Just like the tampon, or actually having sex, if something is inserted it may stretch the hymen. This doesn't mean you're not a 'virgin' anymore.


Much like sports, activities that have pressure around the vagina (like riding a bike) can stretch the hymen.