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Weird but interesting things you may notice during sex

Who knew?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Weird things you notice during sex

Yeah, sex is the ultimate #connection between you and bae, but you can't blame yourself if your mind wanders from all the ~romance~ to the plentyyyyy of distractions happening all around you.

No doubt you will experience some of these weird and random AF thoughts during sex... Embrace is, not everything has to be taken so seriously.

You really *are* that flexible

Who knew?

You really *aren’t* that flexible…

And that position really, really hurts. Maybe try for some stretching exercises, or never breach that position again.

Hair is literally everywhere

Regardless of your grooming habits, we all have hair and we’ll all miss a spot here and there during the shaving process. Not to mention his hair.

The smell is kind of off-putting

Like we said, sex is intimate and passionate etc etc, but just try and ignore the smell of sweaty genitals. TRY.

Not to mention the smell of his, uhm, semen


How bright the room is

There is nothing that makes us more self-conscious then being stark naked in a bright AF room. If you’re uncomfortable, opt for some ~ candles~. It’s all about the mood lighting.

White sheets

Bad for if you’ve just fake-tanned and decided to ~do it~ there.

Black sheets

Great for fake tan but AWFUL for bodily fluid stains…

That you should really, *really* have a tissue box next to the bed

Or you’ll have to DASH to the bathroom real quick to get some toilet paper. Sex can be messy, K?!

How messy your bedroom is

Look, who has time these days to clean the floordrobe happening in your room and that chair that has collected every single piece of laundry (clean and dirty) that you own? Now’s not the time to think about it!

The best thing to do is relax, and clear your mind. Enjoy what’s happenin’ and worry about everything else later!