Dolly Doctor

11 times TV read our minds about the whole puberty thing

Yep, we've all been there...

By Grace Back

Unless you're actually excited about random hairs sprouting from random places, pimples and blood gushing out of a previously dormant cavity then puberty, uh, isn't for you. ~But~ it's lucky for us that some of our fave TV and movie characters are suffering too. Misery luuuuurrrrves company, so if you're going through some awks puberty moments in your life or you want to look back at those years and cringe, here are 11 memorable and deliciously awkward puberty moments.

1. Lizzie McGuire and her first ~bra~

This was srsly a defining moment in TV history. Srsly. Lizzie and Miranda think it's time for them to buy bras, but have to do it on the DL. Lizzie tries to lie to her mum, but when she figures something is ~fishy~ (like they ALWAYS do), Lizzie explodes: "I WANT A BRA, OKAY?"

2. iCarly and the itty bitty titty committee

If you're a member of the itty bitty titty committee then this moment would of been like looking straight into the mirror. In this episode Carly and Sam are fighting over a boy. They start arguing and Sam makes a small jab at Carly's "helping bra", which we can only assume is a push-up. Carly looks down and says what we're all thinking, "There's nothing wrong with a little help." We're you at boobz?

3. My So Called Life and the "Metamorphosis"

In an episode of 'My So Called Life' called "The Zit," Angela has to deal with an annoying pimple and a list goes around school that nominates he ex-BFF as having the best boobs in the class. It's basically a feel good ep about all the insecurities you have about puberty. In the ~I can totally relate~ kinda way.

4. Degrassi and the 'Show and Tell'

Although not an issue us ~females~ have to deal with, this episode will 4eva make us LOL. Basically, Spinner keeps getting 'boners' (ya know, when our male counterparts get excited) and the teacher makes him stand up in front of the whole class! Believe it or not during puberty boys have no control over this and it can happen anywhere, at any time. Yep.

PS. If you have never watched Degrassi, we srsly recommend it. It even has baby Drake in it.

5. Degrassi (again) and the ~surprise period~

This is a classic puberty moment that unfortunately almost all of us will experience at least once. Emma gets a super obvious period leak on the back of her skirt, and to make matters worse it's her first period ~eva~. Emma, girl, you're going to need a whole lot of napisan to get that stain out. We all learn the hard way, I guess.

6. As Told By Ginger and the 'frizzy lizzies'

Again, most things in puberty we have to learn the hard way. Ginger has a dilemma: The popular girls know about her hairy legs, but Ginger's mum said she isn't old enough to shave. Ugh. So, Ginger has to sneakily use an electric razor.

7. Braceface and period drama

When Sharon goes on a date with her crush, Alden, and then starts experiencing painful cramps Alden mistakes this for her appendix bursting so takes her to the emergency room. When in fact Sharon was just getting her period for the first time. Weeeelll, poor Alden gets a surprise when Sharon accidentally trips and drops all her pads on the waiting room floor. AWKS.

8. Sister sister and the ~as if~

The best thing about puberty, is getting out of puberty. You know when you go away on summer holidays and you come back and one girl who was kinda the ~ugly duckling~ comes back with mega big boobs and zero pimples. Well, Sister Sister portrays this perfectly. Tia and Tamera notice that Roger, the annoying dude who always wanted to date them, went from "as if" to "all that." I mean, he was "all that" in a way that could only make a 90's girl swoon, but still.

9. Movie 43 and the period freak out

In this movie Chloe Moretz graces us with this hilariously dramatic reaction to getting her first period. When Moretz's character is on her first date she begins to bleed on her pants, and when her date sees he thinks that she's bleeding to death.

10. 7th Heaven and Darlene's first period

This was a total groundbreaking TV moment for all the tomboy's out there. When Darlene gets her first period, although a momentous occasion in every girl's life, her mum is quick to assure her that she can still be the totally same person.

11. Unfabulous and BFF's new boyf

If you only know kween Emma Roberts from Scream Queens then you need to watch an episode of Unfabulous. One of the best eps that I'm sure a few of us can defs relate to is when Geena, Addie's (Emma's character) BFF gets a boyf and Addie gets jealous and they end up in a massive tiff.

See, everyone goes through it...