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Here's why your boobs aren't getting any bigger

DOLLY Dr gets you clued up on what to expect with your boobiez.


Ever since the start of last year my boobs have been shrinking. I have lost a lot of weight, but even if I put on weight, they still continue to shrink. Is there anything wrong with me?

When breasts start to grow during puberty, they tend to get steadily bigger. Once they're fully grown, they do sometimes shrink or grow in size, depending on hormonal influences. Some women will notice that their breasts swell up just before a period, then shrink again.

The only other reason for breasts to shrink in size is loss of fat in the breast, associated with weight loss. There is nothing wrong with you, and your weight loss explains your breast symptoms. If your weight has been fluctuating you may also be noticing your breasts more than usual, or still getting used to your overall body and breast size and shape.

If you really are worried about what's happening, have a check-up with your doctor. Also, if you have been losing weight, you might want to chat to your doctor about how to do this in a healthy way.