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11 reasons why you should be excited to get your period

What's a little bit of blood anyway?

So as girls, we've pretty much been brought up with the ~periods totally suck~ mentality. But gals, the time has come to embrace the flow and start enjoying that time of the month because believe it or not, it has #amaze benefits...

1. You can now spend a week dedicated to Netflix 'n' Chilling with yourself

2. Comfy underwear!

3. You know that person getting on your nerves (for probs a silly reason)? Well now have a great excuse to let 'em know...


5. Trackpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on...

6. Your body is fully functioning and you're a #woman

7. You are a princess warrior who can handle pain for dayz

8. People around you can be your slave. Mum, give us a tummy rub plz.

9. You can sync up with your BFFs which is basically the strongest bond you can have with a gal

10. Sozza P.E. class, gonna have to sit this one out

11. You can have some well-deserved alone time #YouDoYou

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