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Turn your face into an emoji

You NEED to download the latest app for emojis for all the LOLs.

Turn your face into an emoji

Seriously, how good are emojis?

You can have full conversations with them.

You can use a single one in an Instagram caption rather than thinking of something super witty.

Those little yellow faces are our best mates, along with the fist pump, thumbs up, the sassy girl in pink with her hand to the side, the puppy dog and the hands up as if to say ‘HALLELUJAH’.

And let’s not forget the salsa dancing lady.

How hilarious would it be if you could stick your face onto these emojis and send it to your mates for mega LOLs?

Well, you can.


Yes, we’re serious.

The Emoji My Face app can turn your selfie or a pic of your friends, family or even just a total rando into a legit emoji sticker.

The app does the hard work for you – instead of your head turning out disproportioned and weird on something like the emoji wearing the sunnies, Emoji My Face morphs you into the right size for it.

It’s hilarious and it’s free so get on it ASAP.

See - even Azealia Banks is on board.

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to fit ours and Calum Hood’s head on to the emoji of the girl and boy kissing…