Dolly Doctor

Your common bra problems ~solved~

We all have a love-hate relationship with our bras.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Most of the bra-related issues we face as lucky gals are the result of wearing the wrong cup or band size.

Here's how to fix:

Problem 1: The rising back band
This is not the bra being dodge, it’s the wrong size. You’re either wearing a band size that’s too big or the band has merely stretched from wear and needs replacing. Over time, your bra will lose its elasticity so time to toss it!

If this is you, we suggest you get a small band size and go one cup size bigger. For example, if you’re a 12B you would opt for a 10C. The band should be close-fitting on the loosest hook, so when your bra stretches you can continue to tighten it.

Problem 2: Straps that dig
It seems obvious that it could be that your straps are too tight and simply need an adjustment. But it can actually lead back to band size. Too big a band eliminates support through the back and puts it onto your shoulders for support, leading to painful straps.

Buy a smaller band size, or toss the old bra that has lost its back elasticity.

Problem 3: Spillage over bra cups
If you seem to be spilling over the cups, possibly conscious of a nip slip, your bra is too small. Don't fret and go for an over-shoulder-boulder-holder...

We suggest a fuller coverage style bra and going up at least one cup size. You can still find them in pretty colours with lace and bows.

Problem 4: Slippery dippery straps
Tighten them straps. Like the back band, bra straps also lose their elasticity over time and wear. Get into to the routine of tightening them every few weeks or when needed. If this still isn’t cutting it, you may have narrow or sloped shoulders, so bra straps are more prone to falling down your arm.

Switch to a style with the straps sitting closer together in the back, or try a racer-back bra. These are designed for additional support and eliminate that pesky problem.

Problem 5: Back bulge
This just means your band is too tight, don't fret. Although, you might find the correct band size and still can’t beat the bulge. This means it’s the bra – it might be too narrow for your specific body shape.

Opt for bras in soft, stretchy fabrics that will support your bust without uncomfortably digging into your skin. Possibly look for wider bra bands for added comfort and support.

Problem 6: Chafe irritation
You should not feel this kind of discomfort from your bra. Most bra chafing occurs when your breasts are rubbing together or against your rib cage.

Buy a bra that allows for breast separation (cleavage not touching) and breast lift (away from your rib cage). Choosing light and breathable fabrics helps to prevent chafing and moisture.

Problem 7: Boob sweat
We know this isn’t something you’d openly own up to, but we have ALL experienced this.

Opt for a lightweight, breathable fabric to absorb the perspiration. If sweating still seems to be an issue, choose a fabric made with moisture-wicking technology.

Problem 8: Nipple exposure Some fabrics are pretty see-through, particularly thin-lined bras or bralettes which means HEY THERE, NIPPLES!

Buy a bra with thicker fabric or padding to avoid feeling exposed, simple!