Dolly Doctor

One Direction fans have located ANOTHER Liam Payne & Zayn Malik lookalike

Who are these beautiful hybrid humans and where can we get one?!

In case ONE Ziam Doppelganger wasn’t enough for the world, we have found ANOTHER Ziam clone, and the DOLLY office is literally freaking out.

After our eyes fell in love with the first mysterious dude yesterday, it turns out this second clone is a Brazilian model. Yes, we repeat, a BRAZILIAN MODEL, we had to re-evaluate our lives and understand why more hybrid celebrity lookalikes don’t exist.

We introduce to you, Marlon Teixeira, repeat that aloud in your best Portuguese accent a real human who exudes so much hotness you might actually faint.

In fact, you can pretty much forget about Ziam 1, now that Ziam 2 has been identified, and you can forever Insta- stalk him at your leisure.

Teixeira, 24, is from Santa Catarina in Brazil, and has some pretty impressive heritage. He is ½ Portugese, ¼ Indian and ¼ Japanese.Where on EARTH are these hot lookalikes popping up from? Why are we only discovering them now? ~cries inside~

If the entire world is constantly scanning for these attractive humans, maybe we will find another three and then completely reform 1 Direction! #1Dinception

Teixeira or Ziam 2.0 is causing teens (and us) everywhere to lose their mind over the reality of ZIAM actually having a physical presence.

And then there are those who are asking for explanations of their love children, not like they need to! #10/10WouldApprove

His Instagram is totally stalkworthy, so if you need some Ziam Doppelganger permanently in your life, follow him at @marlontx, you will not be disappointed.