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Alli Simpson

Why I love messy buns

5:36PM, Jun 15 2015 Alli Simpson

Hey girls! I have a new favourite hair look! As you have probably seen in my recent Instagrams, I have become very fond of the messy bun! 

The messy hair bun looks super chic and cool and they’re super easy to do. If you have long hair or short hair, messy buns are a cool way to style your hair in any season! Buns are also perfect for a bad hair day or lazy day or if you forgot to wash.

The best thing is that you can wear them with any casual or formal outfit, whether it’s to school, work, hanging with friends or anywhere at any time of the day!

You can pretty much tie the bun however you would like. Play with it. I think it’s super cute and causal.

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Yesterday, I went and donated blood. I’m not telling you this because I want a round of applause; I’m telling you this because the lovely staff at the Town Hall Donor Centre in Sydney filled me in on an exciting fact: My blood will help teeny, tiny newborn babies. If ever there was news that was going to fill me with the warm and fuzzies, this was it.

I have an O Negative blood type which means everyone can use my blood if they need it. But, my lovely nurse explained that because my blood hasn’t been exposed to a certain virus, newborn babies who are in desperate need for blood can use it. Yep, all the warm and fuzzy feels!

While I was in the process of donating, I was chatting to the staff and they explained they’re running really, really low on all blood types at the moment. So, if you wanna feel all the good feels and do your bit for the world, go and donate blood. It’s not scary, promise! The staff are beyond nice and at the end of it, you get to eat all the food. Yep, they feed you cakes, juice, milkshakes – whatever you want! 

Check out for all the deets and shoot me an email at if you want any extra support – the first time can be daunting but I promise, you won’t regret it.

Nat xx

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I don’t know about you guys, but, recently I’ve been getting a bit bored of Instagram.
When I check my feed (approximately 20 times a day) I really want to see at least five cute dogs, maybe a piglet, some instant LOL material and some great inspo for work too... And lately, I’m just not getting that mix. All I’m getting is #selfies and views of Sydney Harbour. Lovely, but, you know, kind of done to death. So, to liven things up a bit around the 'gram, I’ve added these guys to my feed. If you too have fallen into an Insta rut, I suggest you try the same. (These accounts never ever get old – promise).

1. @Frenchiebutt

Frenchie Butt has the ultimate life. He just rolls around in blankets all day and looks adorbs for the camera. You can guarantee he will post a pic around 9am every Saturday morning, when you too are under the covers, avoiding responsibilities. He’s just so relatable. Frenchiebutt’s captions are also really on point. It’s something you really come to appreciate when you’re following every animal on Instagram. It’s hard to keep things funny when you’re posting a different version of the same pic every day. In short, @frenchiebutt wins Instagram.

2. @keinmagazine

This is my absolute favourite IG account, second only to @dollymag, (obvi).
They post the most amazing art, abstract beauty shoots, fashion inspo, weird stuff – the whole gamut. I also love that they rarely include captions – the images say it all.

3. @humansofny

A much needed reminder that life isn’t all flat lays and green juices nowadays – there’s still lots of real stuff going on too.

4. @mensweardog

Menswear Dog is an Instagram veteran these days, but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of his feed. Especially every Hawaiian shirt pic he’s ever posted.

5. @_petitestreet_

Cute-as-pie illustrations you need in your life.

6. @iloveshowpo

These guys have got the perfect balance of brand updates and hilarious memes down pat.

7. @oddlysatisfying

Exactly what it says it is.

8. @hamlet_the_piggy

A mini micro pig, just living his little life. Need I say more?

Who are you guys obsessing over at the moment? Please tell me in the comment section below – I’m always on the lookout for some cool new peeps to follow.

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Yet again, Pitch Perfect mania has taken over the world! And with everybody’s new dream to be a part of an A Capella singing group, we put together a list of telltale signs to see if you're secretly a Barden Bella (pssst all signs point to a big fat yes for us).

1. You are constantly in a state of indecisiveness on whether you should go for a run or stay in bed and sleep.

2. You are confident in who you are, especially your singing ability.

3. You are always there to take care of your friends and keep them out of trouble.

4. You are talented in almost all things performing arts and are willing to perfect your art for the benefit of the team.

5. You are always there to stand up for your friends and have their back no matter what.

6. You are the master of giving good advice and all your friends know that you are usually right about everything.

If you can check off most of these then we suggest getting a group together and becoming the next A Capella sensation!

Words: Naseem Vahdani.

It’s the second day of winter, and, oh-so conveniently, a bunch of us at Team DOLLY have been slammed with the sniffles. Not. Cool. You see, when you’re carrying around a crazy-as cough, one of the best things to help you kick it to the kerb is to rest up in bed… and this is my idea of a total nightmare. Sit still for hours on end? Me? Never! ESPECIALLY on a Saturday when my besties are all catching up for lunch. Grrr. So, in order to cure my cold – and fight off a serious case of FOMO – I devised a smash-this-sickness strategy that would keep me (happy) in bed.

Obviously, being sick means you gotta kick back and chillax. Use this time to catch up on the flicks you’ve missed, the TV series’ you’ve been stinging to see, as well as binge-watch your fave movies. I watched six out of eight Harry Potter films (for the eleventy billionth time). Added bonus: remembering how adorkable Matthew Lewis – AKA Neville Longbottom – was back in the day, AND knowing how ridiculously hot he is now.

Confession time: I’m OBSESSED with Tyler Oakley. I CAN'T even, I am unable to EVEN, I am SO unable to EVEN. You know how it goes. His YouTube vids rule BUT so do his hilarious podcasts. When your eyes need a break from all the movie marathoning you’ve been doing, lie down, listen and LOL to Tyler and his bestie Korey Kuhl’s too-funny Psychobable podcasts.

Zoella ROCKS, Connor Franta owns my heart, however, I’ll never get over Nicole Richie. Not only is she beyond stylish (her clothes! Her hair!), but she’s a YouTuber, too. Don’t believe me? While you’re lying in bed, check out her side-splitting clips for yourself. Just search #CandidlyNicole on YouTube. And after watching her comical antics, I dare you to heart her more than I do!

 The 2015 RDMAs we’re an absolute blast! The big question leading up to it was… WHAT DO I WEAR?

I found the PERFECT all black sequin jumpsuit and thought it was perfect! I accessorized it as you usually would & got my hair and makeup done. As I was walking about the door, I saw my pair of black sequin Minnie Mouse ears with a red bow sitting on the ground left there from my recent trip to Disneyland. How perfect? It was like it was meant to be! So I threw them on, changed my lip color to red and voila! My outfit was complete. I had a blast interviewing amazing people like Fifth Harmony, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes and Carly Rae Jepsen and more.

I hosted the Ardys Pre-Show Party televised live on the red carpet with Ernie D and everyone wanted to wear my ears!

Check out my 2015 RDMA look here..


With Olivia Holt!

Shawn Medes!

Fifth Harmony!

And Nick Jonas!




Jacqui King

Feel-good vibes at GTM

12:00AM, May 12 2015 Jacqui King

My weekend was pretty rad. Why? Well, apart from wowing mum with my cooking skills for a Mother’s-Day-feast (and dessert, of course), I went to Groovin The Moo festival in Maitland on Saturday and had the most fun ever.

It was my third time at GTM and I reckon this one was the best yet. There, I said it.

Last year, the entire showground was like a giant mud pit so gumboots were out in full force. This year, my gumboots weren’t even needed! (TBH, I’m actually kinda sad I didn’t get to play around in the mud.) The weather gods were shining down on us – there was not a single cloud in the sky.

Groovin The Moo is an all-ages festival that celebrates the very best of Australian music. Most of the headliners are born and bred right here and dayumm, we are a talented bunch! With Meg Mac, Ball Park Music, One Day, Sticky Fingers, Hilltop Hoods, Tkay Maidza, Hermitude, Wolfmother, Carmada, Flight Facilities and so much more, our ears were treated to some incredible live tunes.

Meg Mac gave us shivers with her flawless ballad of “Grandma’s Hands”, One Day brought out my inner gangsta with their cover of Scribe’s “Not Many”, Ball Park Music took it back a few years with theFriendstheme song “I’ll Be There For You”, Hot Dub Time Machine had everyone groovin’ by playing all the hit songs from the ‘80s to now, and Hermitude sent us all dropping low with their epic new track “The Buzz”.

With a huge amount of talent all in one place, it’s no wonder some of the artists like to help each other out. The boys of One Day jumped on stage with Sticky Fingers for “Gold Snafu”, Charli XCX came out for Carmada’s dance-heavy set performing “On Fire” and little pocket rocket Tkay Maidza channelled Iggy for “Fancy” during Charli’s act. The crowds (and me) loved it.

But for who wins the title of ‘Best Of The Day’, I can’t put it down to just one. I reckon it was a pretty even match between Meg Mac, Sticky Fingers and Carmada. Each of their performances blew my mind.

Thanks for the memories, Groovin. See ya next year!

The world isn't perfect. Words starting with 'd' and 'c' mean that three of my best friends won't be buying a "Dear Mum" card at the newsagent this week. And I know they're not the only ones. One of your BFFs might be showing a totally brave face, but watching Mother’s Day pass by when you’ve lost your mother is nothing but a million kinds of awful. It’s nice to let your bestie know you’re thinking of her on days like these. And maybe the two of you can get together and say thanks to some of the other amazing women in your lives:

1. The 'mum' of your friendship group. You know, the responsible one, who's always looking out for everyone at the party. She never forgets your birthday; in fact, she's probably already planned your next b’day bash. Three months in advance. While she might not be the wildest friend you have, she's definitely the most reliable. It wouldn't hurt to tell her that you value her just as much regardless. Why not bake her some brownies and have a box-set sesh together on Sunday night?

2. A family friend who's always been there for you. I have this exact person in my life. Our families grew up across the road from each other, and she always called my sister and I her daughters cos she has two sons. And bless these boys, but they don't even remember her birthday, let alone Mother's Day. It will be extra special for this woman to hear from you cos she probably won't expect it.

3. Your other relatives. I find that aunties, cousins and sisters give the best advice; does anyone else have an aunty who tells you all about her love lessons or a grandma with the best pearls of wisdom? Why not pop a card in the post to tell them how much you appreciate it.

4. A friend you might have lost touch with.Maybe you moved schools, one of you moved cities, and life just did that annoying thing it does called getting in the way. So many of my friends live in different cities and it’s really hard to stay in touch all the time. I saw a meme the other day that perfectly explained it… “I’m the kind of friend who will be there at 2am when you need me… but will take 8 months to reply to your FB message.” Send this a friend a text/FB message/WhatsApp now! Or even plan, and follow through with, a Skype catch-up.

5. Taylor Swift. Because, Taylor Swift. There's no Taylor Swift Day yet, so I'm calling it. OK, May 10 is now officially Taylor Swift day. Host a morning tea, just like Tay did two months ago for International Women’s Day, with all your friends.

Taylor and Selena celebrating International Women's Day together.

6. Yours truly.Sometimes, the best person to look after you is YOU. And if you’re anything like my three friends, you’ll have the bravest smile on your dial this Sunday, but secretly want to not even get out of bed. But don’t feel bad! Make it a day to hang with out with number one, read your favourite book, run yourself a bubble bath and have a pamper session – just have some quiet time. And remember, this too shall pass.



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    We got the @littlesea boys to spill on all-things girls. Link in the bio above 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly vids! 👊🏻🌟🌟🌟 #LittleSea 📷 @ksoljo

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    Think about the Pixar movies... MIND. BLOWN. 😵

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    Celebrating the fact @thevoiceau has partnered up with #Cadbury by eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE! It's actually the greatest combo ever 😋🍫🍫 #ShareTheJoy

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    Is it dinner time yet? 🍕🍔🍗🍝

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    Hey guys! The special Formal issue of Dolly is coming up soon and we want to see your formal fashion pics! Hashtag #dollymystyleformal and you might just see your pic in our September issue! 💕