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I am not a runner

12:07PM, Apr 2 2014 Lisa

For most of my life, I uttered this sentence more than any other – well, if you don’t count “I’ll have one scoop of the chocolate sorbet, thanks” (but that’s a story for another post – a very delicious post). I just hated it. It made my legs hurt and my lungs feel like they were about to burst and sweat pour down my face, so I figured there were two types of people in the world – those who can run and those who can’t (just like there are those people who love Harry Styles and those who pretend they don’t but secretly do!).

Of course, my high school PE teacher tried to convince me (and the rest of my grade) otherwise, forcing us to run laps of the school oval and do horrible cross country competitions every year. And, to make matters worse, I grew up in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, so that meant one thing –hills. Therefore you could hardly blame me for loving running about as much as I love algebra (why are there letters in maths, wwwhhhyyy!!!)

I’ve even bumped into the Modern Family cast on a run!

Then about four years ago, things changed. I moved to a new apartment near Centennial Park in Sydney and started going for walks around the park each afternoon. And one day, a random thought popped into my mind: “That lamp post isn’t so far away, I reckon I could run to it.” So I did. And you know what? It wasn’t so hard after all. After I’d caught my breath, I sped up again and ran to the next lamp post. Sure, I got overtaken by the 70-year-old grandpa next to me, but you seriously could not wipe the grin off my face – I was running!

View of Sydney from the infamous ‘Heartbreak Hill’ in Rose Bay.

After a few more ‘wuns’ in the park (walk/runs), I downloaded an app called Ease Into 5K that promised to have me running five kilometres in a matter of weeks. It took me a little longer than that, but I got there in the end – sore legs, burning lungs, sweaty face and all. The feeling of achievement was amazing and I was tempted to ring my old PE teacher to apologise for all my whining during those laps of the school oval!

Since then, I have gone through phases with running. There are times when I revert to High School Me and absolutely hate it, and there are times when I become totally addicted and actually change my plans to fit in a run (that’s Completely Insane Me). This morning, for instance, I set my alarm for 6am and ran down to Bondi Beach, Beyoncé blaring in my iPod. Yes, getting up in the dark is harder than turning down a date with Taylor Henderson, but seeing the sun come up over the beach and the rush of endorphins you get at the end of your workout makes it totally worth it.

On the famous Bondi to Bronte coastal track – one of my favourite runs in Sydney.

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to get started, because the April issue of DOLLY has an awesome four-page running special with heaps of useful info about running apps, tips, tunes and gear (it’s a scientifically proven fact that cute workout clothes make you run faster... or something like that!). So lace up those trainers and go for a run – even if it’s just to the next lamp post.

Lisa x

Running along the esplanade in Rose Bay.


Sunrise over Bondi – before the crowds arrive!



For the love of books

11:26AM, Mar 18 2014 Jacqui

If you knew me, you’d know I’m a grade A book nerd. That’s one of the best things about working here at DOLLY ‘cos not a day goes by when I don’t get a cool new book landing on my desk. And the reason why I’m the DOLLY book reviewer here is that I’m quite exclusively drawn to YA books. This, and my near borderline obsession of all things teen (seriously, you should see my inspo board  at my desk – hello Sebastian Kidd and PLL posters) is why I consider myself just. Like. You.

So today I’m going to spill to you the books I’m obsessing over. You’ll probs notice I’ve got a slight trend happenin’. Yep, it’s all things supernatural. Witches, vamps, angels and everything magical and weird, I’m into. The greatest thing about reading is diving into a world that is so completely different to your own. How often do you get to fly off on a broomstick with your own owl flying behind you or fight some Strigoi to save your best friend? Not often enough, let me tell you.

Harry Potter series - JK Rowling:

I’ve been under Harry’s spell since I was 11-years-old and I’m pretty sure it’ll never go away. You’re never too old to shout ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ on a dreary day.

Vampire Academy series – Richelle Mead:

Rose is possibly the coolest half-human/half-moroi around. She’s so insanely loyal and brave and absolutely hilarious. And I mean, no one can deny how insanely passionate Rose and Dimitri’s love is. #hot

Bloodlines series – Richelle Mead:

I can basically sum up my feelings towards this series in one word. Adrian. ADRIAN. I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s my favourite book dude EVER. I wasn’t a huge fan of Sydney Sage in the VA series but man, she’s grown on me. She’s no Rose Hathaway but she’s come a long way since being that unrelenting, brainwashed Alchemist. I am absolutely addicted to this series and I’m dying for the next one, Silver Shadows, to come out later this year!

Hunger Games series – Suzanne Collins:

I really don’t need to say much about this one. It’s a no-brainer. #TeamGaleForever.

Divergent series – Veronica Roth:

I think these books are so unlike anything I’d ever read before and that’s why I love them. Sure, it’s got a few comparisons to THG but it’s incredibly raw and gritty. Tris is so tough and willing to lay her life down on the line to save others. (And I’m not ashamed to admit, I balled my eyes out on the train after reading Allegiant)

I Am Number Four – Pittacus Lore:

I read this quite a long time ago but it still sticks with me. John has awesome powers and he has to struggle to keep them on the DL so that he isn’t found out. Definitely worth reading guys!

LA Candy series – Lauren Conrad:

Ahh, Miss LC. What can’t she do? I loved reading this series because even though she says it’s all fiction, you can’t help but draw comparisons to her life going from the TV shows Laguna Beach and then The Hills (if you never watched these shows, do it NOW). It’s like an unofficial behind-the-scenes look at reality shows and how not-so-real they are.

The Intern – Gabriella Tozer:

This is quite a recent book but it’s made it to the list! Josie is so loveable and awkward and it’s hilarious to read. It’s all about the mag industry and the lowlights and highlights of interning – something that takes me back to my own intern days!

Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl:

I loved this book so much. Lena is this little outsider who turns out to have cool witchy powers and sweet Ethan just can’t seem to stay away. I was completely drawn to Ridley though, she’s just so sassy and unpredictable. That’s why I am SO excited that she’s getting her own spin-off book called Dangerous Creatures, coming out in May! Stay tuned, kids.

Fallen series – Lauren Kate:

There are a lot of books out there right now with fallen angels and nephilim but this series takes the cake. Lucinda meets Daniel, this gorgeous and radiant guy who happens to be a fallen angel. They’ve fallen in love a crazy amount of times in their past lives but they keep getting torn apart. AND if you didn’t get the tip-off already, we’ll be seeing it on the big screens next year. Yay!

Happy reading all!



Pimples, be gone

1:44PM, Mar 17 2014 Rebecca

The other week I woke up before my alarm went off, all cheery after an amazing night’s sleep and ready to have the best day ever. This never happens to me. NEVER. But then, I walked into my bathroom, looked in the mirror and spotted a giant, mountainous growth on my forehead. It was a huuuge pimple, and it wasn’t even up near my hairline so I could cover it up with some deft side-fringe manoeuvring - it was smack-bang between my eyebrows, it looked hideous and I was mystified as to where it had sprung from, as the day before my forehead had been totally normal and spot-free. I know we all get these unwelcome visitors on our faces now and then – but this particular morning I got to wondering, why exactly?

So I decided to ask someone who’s in the know. I spoke to Cassie Mendoza Jones, who’s an amazing naturopath and nutritionist at Elevate Vitality ( According to Cassie, our skin reflects the health of the rest of our bod. “There is often a direct correlation between where spots occur and specific issues within the body, as well as our emotional health,” Cassie says. Apparently (and this is the cool part), our face is like a map for the rest of our bodies, and with a little insider info we can ‘decode’ our pimples, depending on where they pop up on our face, to work out what probs elsewhere in our bodies might be causing them! Apparently, spots are like ‘signals’ from our bodies telling us what we need to fix – sort out the prob, and the pimples should (hopefully) clear up. Phew! So, in case you’ve ever wondered about this too, here’s a run-down of what Cassie told me about pimples in different spots, and what they might mean.


Forehead = digestion issues

Pimple cure: “Improve digestion by ensuring good ‘eating hygiene’ by chewing your food really well and not over-eating,” says Cassie. “Eat bitter foods such as lemons to help stimulate digestion, and include digestion-stimulating foods like ginger and cinnamon.”

Nose =heart issues

Pimple cure: Keep your heart healthy as can be. “Eat healthy fats such as those found in fish, nuts, seeds and avocado,” says Cassie. “Keep a healthy blood pressure by not eating too much refined salt, and keep your heart emotionally healthy by having lots of joy in your life!”

Temples and ears = kidney issues

Pimple cure: “Improve kidney function by making sure you’re drinking enough water and avoid eating too much salt or caffeine,” says Cassie. “Chinese medicine says the emotions of the kidney are fear and anxiety, so you could also try working out what you may be fearful or anxious about in your life.”

Between the eyebrows = liver issues and/or food intolerances

Pimple cure: “Improve liver function by cutting out dairy, greasy, oily and deep-fried foods plus sugary foods,” says Cassie. “You could chat to a professional about herbs to improve liver function. Working out if you have sensitivity to certain foods, and then avoiding them, is also helpful.”


Cheeks = respiratory system issues

Pimple cure:“Try improving your lung function via steam inhalation with hot water and eucalyptus oil, as well as enjoying lots of fresh clean air,” says Cassie.

Chin = stomach issues

Pimple cure: “Improve your stomach health by reducing your intake of heavy, stodgy foods, and increasing light, cooling vegetables such as celery, cucumber and radish,” says Cassie.

Jawline and side of chin = hormone issues 

Pimple cure: Chat to your GP, a naturopath or other health professional about whether your hormones could be imbalanced. “A high fibre diet will help excrete excess oestrogens and hormones,” says Cassie. “Hormone-balancing herbs are also helpful here, and are best prescribed by a naturopath.”


When good friends turn bad

3:49PM, Mar 13 2014 Samantha

Falling out with a friend feels awful, especially when it’s your best friend. When it happened to me I was devastated as I realised that she wasn’t as nice as she’d seemed at first. It turned out she was actually pretty manipulative and rude.

At first I thought, “What do I do now?” I tried at first to get that friendship back. But when that really didn’t work out I thought, “You know what? I need to really think about what I want in a friend.”

What it comes down to is that you basically want someone who has similar interests, a similar personality and someone who thinks the same way as you do. You also want someone who will ALWAYS have your back. My best friend Lize is that person. She will always support me if something goes wrong but she’ll also take her share of the blame when it’s a joint misadventure.

If you do have a falling out with a friend try to think to yourself, “What went wrong?” If it’s a good enough friendship you’ll both want to work it out so try to address any problems straight away, don’t let them slide. If you don’t say why you’re upset you’ll end up working yourself up even more by leaving it. If you address your problems straight away you’re more likely to fix things and be able to move on together.

But if you can’t fix things? Well, then it’s time to move on separately. Put it this way: You’ll meet hundreds of people in your life and my closest friends now are very different from the ones who I had when I first started school. And that’s OK because everybody will find people who are the right fit for them even if it’s not straight away.

Hope that helped anyone who’s had a similar situation as me. Speak again soon.

Sam x

I was 14 when I applied for my first part-time job because I REALLY wanted to start earning my own money. There was an IGA down the road from where I live so I thought, “Why not try there first?” and dropped in to give my resume to the manager.

At school we’d spent some time writing our resumes. When I first started I found it really difficult as it was so hard to know what to put in! So as well as asking my parents to read it over for help, I also looked online for ideas.  Here are a few things I found which hopefully will help you if you’re trying to write your own resume.

  1. As well as writing down your contact details and where you go to school, make sure you list things you’ve achieved, like awards you’ve won.
  2. As well as past work experience, add in things you think your manager should know. For example I have my surf lifesaving bronze medallion, so I know how to resuscitate someone if they collapse!
  3. I also added in a few of my interests and things I liked doing so that the manager could get a sense of my personality.

After I dropped my resume in, the manager called and asked me to come back for an interview. I made sure I dressed appropriately because you need to look professional, even if it’s not a super-professional job. You definitely don’t want to give a bad impression.

After he offered me the job, he laid down the rules for me – what I would be doing for the job, what the rules were and what I needed to wear. He also asked me some questions like, “What is your past experience?” “How do you like working?” and “How are you with people?” I told him that I liked talking to people as I’m pretty friendly, and because of that I was mostly on till.

I really liked seeing all the new faces in my little neighbourhood. A lot of the same people come in every day so I got to know them and talk to them and after a while you become friendly with them. Plus it’s really nice getting to know all the other people who work there too. Having money of my own was good too. I spent my whole first pay check on clothing – I blew the whole thing! But now I’m saving and I haven’t spent much at all. I’m saving for my first car.

As much fun as work can be, sometimes you can have problems. If I do come up against any problems, like customers getting angry and yelling, I try to stay cool because you don’t want to make a bad situation worse. I just stay calm and say, “I’ll get the manager”. It’s best not to try to deal with it yourself but instead to ask for help from someone with a higher authority.

I stayed at the IGA for about a year until I moved and now I work at Boost Juice which I LOVE. It’s a lot of fun and everyone is super nice, including the boss!

Well, that’s it from me this month. Look forward to blogging again soon!


Sam x


From the minute Universal Music told me I was going to meet Biebs, you could not wipe the smile off my face. In fact, I dared people to try. For reals though, I have been a massive Bieber fan since, well, forever and daydreamed on the daily about how we’d hit it off as BFFs.

When the day of Justin’s concert rolled around and I was waiting at the venue for security to take me to Justin, I reached new levels of excitement. That is, until I realised I was wearing a Kanye West tee. D’oh. “It’s a Bieber concert, Aimie, not Kanye.”

But turns out wearing a Kanye shirt to a Bieber meet-and-greet isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, when I walked in, I was greeted by Justin himself saying, “Hey gorgeous, I love your tee!” My inner fan-girl started freaking. He liked my tee and he called me gorgeous – zing!

Since then, I’ve made it my duty to remember every detail. Like the way his eyes sparkle when you look at them directly. Or the way he smiles so warmly and makes you feel like you are All That Matters (excuse the pun), despite there being security aplenty and no actual smile from the Biebs in our pic together.

As I stood next to him for our photo, he asked me how my day had been and put his arm around me. And while I planned to tell him all of the things we had in common and how we should be besties, all I had time to say was “thank you” before he winked at me and I was whisked away.

I can only explain the whole experience as magic. He was such a superstar and despite all the pouting and bad press, I can honestly say he seemed like a total sweetheart. Plus, I now understand the whole “OMG, I NEED TO CRY BECAUSE HE IS SO AMAZING” response he gets from girls. I’m not much of a squealer myself, but I totally get it. BIEBER4EVA.

I’m so excited for the new school year because not only is eight weeks a long time to be off but I’m going to start year 12 – I can’t wait!

Right now I’m getting in the back-to-school spirit by sorting out what stationary I’m going to have and what different notebooks I’m going to use for each subject. I like to be organised so sorting out things that will help me for the year ahead helps me feel more prepared. What also makes me feel prepared is knowing how to deal with difficult situations so here are a few of my tips for some of the more common ones.


“I don’t know anyone”

My two best friends were both really quiet and shy and they didn’t know anyone when they started here in yeYr 8. Our parents had spoken beforehand though, so I went up to them and said, “Hi, I’m Sam” and now, four years later, we are best friends. If you’re new to the school the best thing to do is be friendly but, more importantly, be yourself. You’ll draw good people to you who have similar personalities and interests. And remember, everyone’s always new to a school at least once in their life so you’re probably not on your own.


“I’m nervous about doing new classes”
At the beginning of Year 11 I was so nervous because the schedule is so different to what you do in Year 10. You have new subjects – like, I had Chemistry instead of just Science. You start to specialise in the things you want to do. I was nervous to get started on these new classes but I tried to turn my nerves into excitement instead. The best thing to do it at first is to just take it all in. Write lots of notes and if it’s hard at first, practice more. And try to enjoy it – because the fact you love a certain subject should be why you picked it in the first place.


“But what if I don’t like my new subject?”

Remember that you are able to change your subjects early on in the year. I didn’t change any of mine but a lot of people I know did. If it doesn’t feel right don’t think, “Oh, I’ll give it a bit longer”. Change straight away because if you keep going with something that’s not right it could ruin your whole year for you. You don’t want to get too far behind, plus if you don’t like it you won’t do well because you won’t work as hard at it.


“I don’t like my teacher”

That’s definitely happened to me! Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do except change classes, and that’s not always possible. So I just smiled, tried to be as nice as possible and stuck with it and made the best of the situation. You can learn something from everyone and if you get on their right side you’ll end up having a good year with them.


Hope this helped you guys out. Speak to you again soon!

Sam x


The future of shopping

3:41PM, Dec 12 2013 Emily

If you’ve stepped in to a General Pants Co. store lately, you may have noticed that they’ve installed iPads smack bang in the middle of their stores. Why?
Because they’ve started a shopping revolution that will no doubt change the way you shop forever.

So what are they all about?
Well, I headed to store to see what exactly these little kiosks can do and how they can help you shop.

These bad boys are about making your shopping experience at GP all about YOU! They’ve set the system up so that you can personalise and maximise your time in store, ensuring you’re spending both your time and money wisely.

These are the elements I found most fun...
First off,you can pick the tunes playing in store while you shop! Head to the “What’s Playing” section on the iPad and select tracks from the custom playlist. They’ll then be put in the queue to be played across the whole store. If there isn’t something you’d like to hear on the playlist, you can #GPRequests on Twitter and GP will add it to the playlist (because who doesn’t hate hearing their least favourite song when trying to get some serious retail therapy done).

After you’ve customised the sounds, you can then check up on the latest drop of product under the “What’s New” section. And when I mean latest, I mean literally that day! See if anything is your style and also click in to the GP site via “Our Site” to search further instead flicking through the racks.

If you don’t have enough dough to buy something or want to add a piece to your Christmas wish list, you’re also able to send yourself (or your parents, pals or BF) an email with the clothing or accessories.

The best thing about these sections of the kiosk is that if you’ve found something online and want to find it in store, you can just press the help button. Do that and a staff member will come and help you out soon after! In fact, you can press the help button if you need styling help with outfits or a second opinion on what you want to buy!

Getting a second opinion on what you want to purchase extends to “Insta Opinion” too. Take a pic wearing what you like, off the iPad, and it will then shoot around to the iPads in all stores, ready for other shoppers and staff to instantaneously give their thoughts! What better than insta-feedback when you’re solo-shopping on an impulse?!

If you’re still stuck for options and ideas on what your next purchase will be, you can hit up the “Our People” tab to see how GP staff have styled up outifts and what they’re wearing. There’s nothing better than seeing an outfit on someone else first before giving it a go yourself, especially if you’re thinking of branching out with your look.

So there you have it – a taste of what the future of shopping will look like! The kiosks will be rolled out to all General Pants Co. stores by February and extra elements like “What’s Happening” and “Our Picks” will be developed even more so that you’re in the know about what’s on in your area and what the GP staff highly recommend.

So, hit up your local General Pants co. and see what it’s all about! It might even cure your online shopping addiction with all the tech at your tips IRL.


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