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Industry Insider: Gyan Yankovich

11:36AM, Dec 12 2012 DOLLY Insider

Want to know what it takes to work in the magazine industry? We get to know the editors, models, photographers and stylists who make the DOLLY pages a reality!

Name: Gyan Yankovich

Role: Beauty writer

So, before we get into the other stuff, let's start with how you ended up at DOLLY...

When I was halfway through my journalism degree at CSU in Bathurst, I started doing regular work experience at Cosmopolitan magazine. After lots of hours on the train to Sydney, I was offered the position of Editorial Coordinator. I stayed at Cosmo for another two and a half years, working as Editorial and Beauty Assistant and Digital Content Manager. When I heard the position of Beauty Writer had opened at DOLLY, I enquired straight away.

What's an average day at DOLLY like for you?

In my job, there's no "average day". Some days, I'll be in the office writing, others I'll be around the corner sorting through the beauty cupboard, the next I'll be out of the office all day attending beauty functions — the day after that, I'll be in the studio shooting. It's non-stop, always different, and that's why I seriously can't imagine doing anything else in the world.

Tell us your role in making a page come together, from start to finish...

I'm the only person working on the DOLLY beauty pages — so my job is to consider the beauty section my baby. First of all, I'll have a meeting with Tiff, Samera and our art team, where I put forward my ideas for the next issue, after that I have a few weeks before my deadline. During this time I'm responsible for organising shoots (real girls, models, photographers, studios, hair stylists and make-up artists — as well as style on the day), writing all of the beauty stories you read, deciding which products I want to include in my pages, getting the prices and samples of each of these products and working with another photographer in a smaller studio to shoot all the product – as well as do what we call "swatches" — basically where we spill, mash and squash the products so they look super pretty on the page. Then I put all these words, press releases and images together and hand in before deadline.

Scariest moment of your career?

Can I have two? Because I have two. Firstly, it was starting my job at Cosmo. I'm from Bathurst, so had to move about three hours from home to Sydney — I know that doesn't sound far, but when you're 19, with not a single family member or friend in Sydney -— or even a place to live — it's frightening. Luckily, I found a place to live after a few months and made my own little family of best friends here. Now, I can't imagine ever leaving!

Secondly, walking out of my interview with Tiff for my job here at DOLLY. I really realised how desperate I was for this job — I couldn't imagine anyone in the world wanting it more, and my opportunity to wow her was over. All I could do was wait.

Best moment of your career?

Reading the email from the Deputy Editor of Cosmo asking if I would be interested in moving to Sydney for a fulltime position. I hadn't even considered a job offer — I was stoked to even be doing work experience, so I could hardly believe that my dream was actually coming true; as cliche as that sounds.

Hometown: Bathurst, NSW

At-work drink of choice: Water — after my morning Soy Piccolo with half a sugar.

Breakfast of choice: Tomato, avocado and basil on Soy and Linseed bread from the cafe in our foyer.

Best beauty advice: Don't wear mascara on your bottom lashes. If you have to, do so very minimally. Go absolutely nuts on your top lashes — I am ALL for that. But for your bottoms, steer clear. Not only will you be way more smudge-free, you'll find you look neater and much more polished. I can't stand to look at photos of myself rocking the chunky bottom-lashes look. It just doesn't do anyone's eyes a favour.

Best fashion advice: Always dress for your body shape. There are so many trends and items I am absolutely in love with, but have accepted wouldn't flatter my body shape. If you're not comfortable in something, just don't wear it.

What's your guilty pleasure? Being the least glam version of myself on the weekends — within reason. I'm talking no make-up, hair only in a bun and PJs until I need to leave the house — even if that's not until 7pm.

Top tip for landing your job: Be nice and always be humble. You can work harder and faster than anyone else, but if you're not friendly, down-to-earth and appreciative — nobody will give you a shot. At the end of the day, in magazines, you need to be able to work just as well in a team as you do on your own, so always let your personality shine through, just the right amount.

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