Fashion DIY: Twinkling heels

Blown all your cash on a great dress? Here's how to get a glam heels for next to nothing.

12:0AM, Oct 9

Blown all your cash on a great dress? Here's how to get a glam heels for next to nothing..

You will need:
• Heels — we used Rubi Shoes heels, $49.95.
• Spray paint — we used Dy-Mark Enamel Paint, $10.95 in silver.
• An assortment of adhesive gems — we used Kaiser rhinestones ($4 per pack from Spotlight).
• Masking tape

1. Cut small pieces of masking tape and cover any parts of the shoes you don't want covered in paint. We taped the buckles and the bottoms of the heels.
2. Place some newspaper inside the shoes to protect them.
3. Start spray painting the shoes from the highest point and work your way down (top tip: Hold the can at an angle approximately 20cm away from the shoes).
4. Leave the paint to dry for an hour, then once dry, add a touch-up coat of paint if necessary.
5. Leave overnight until the shoes are completely dry.
6. Now the bedazzling begins! Play around with your gems to see which look works best. We kept it simple by sticking stones to the soles of the shoes.
7. Pair your heels with a great dress and dance the night away!

DIY twinkling heels

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