Countdown to summer confidence

Wanna know the secret to making this summer the absolute best ever? A little bit of confidence...

12:0AM, Nov 27

Wanna know the secret to making this summer the absolute best ever? A little bit of confidence...

Day 1-3: DIY happy board
Grab a large piece of poster board and get set to open your internet browser! Think about all the things you'd love to be able to pull off by the time the school holidays roll around — maybe the confidence to talk to boys, wear that new bikini or rock a smokey eye? Print out pictures of everything that represents confidence, then stick them to your board and put it somewhere you'll see every day. Spend a few minutes studying it each morning to remind you of the possibilities ahead.

Day 4: Smile
Every time you look at a stranger, walk past your reflection or see a text coming through on your phone, smile — even if it's fake — because smiling makes you feel happier. Fact.

Day 5-8: Chit chat
"Talk to someone you admire — whether it's your mum, aunt, grandma or friend &#!51; and ask them what they do to feel confident," says motivational trainer Maria Smith ( Not only will it remind you that everyone has moments of self doubt, but they'll probably have some pretty good tips too.

Day 9: Forever (furry) friends
Spend 15 minutes playing with your pet, or if you don't own one, visit a friend who has a super cute kitten, puppy or rabbit. No matter what you're wearing or how many FB friends you have, pets remind you that you're absolutely lovable just the way you are.

Day 10: Mind your manners
Would you ever tell your friend that she's worthless or that her hair looks whack? Didn't think so. So what are you doing saying it to yourself?! Be EXTRA mindful about what you say to yourself today, and if it's negative, keep a lid on it.

Day 11-13: Be courageous
"Confidence comes from having the courage to try something new and realising that you're capable," says performance coach Georgia Ridler ( So today, do something you'd normally be too afraid to try, like having a conversation with a cute guy, signing up to a summer dance class or standing up for something you believe in — you might just surprise yourself.

Day 14: Show yourself some TLC
Confidence definitely comes from within, but spending an extra two minutes doing a Katniss-esque braid or popping on a new lip gloss can give you a boost on blah days.

Days 15-18: Just breathe
"In a nerve-racking situation, like if you're about to approach a group of girls you'd like to meet, take a moment to pause and just breathe," recommends Maria. "Sometimes taking one moment to pause and think about what you'd like to happen will change the situation from ridiculously scary to totally fine." Practice your stressful-sitch deep breathing for one minute a day.

Day 19: Become your own BFF
"While waiting for the bus, or in Mum or Dad's car, point out the things you really like about yourself in your head. Realise that you need to be a friend to yourself before you can be a friend to others," says Maria.

Days 20-22: Go browsing
Do you love something that nobody at school really gets? Hop on the internet and search for blogs and websites dedicated to your passion. You'll soon realise the world really is huge, and there are stacks of people out there who'll totally get you.

Days 23-24: Give yourself a pep talk
Before Taylor Swift takes the stage, do you think she says to herself, 'Man, I'm so crap, these people are going to throw stuff at me?' Hell no! She tells herself she's going to kill it — and then she does. Copy Taylor's positive thinking plan and give yourself a pep talk every morning.

Days 25-27: Get in to the great outdoors
Those sciencey guys really know what they're talking about! They reckon that looking at nature improves your general mood, so why not go for a walk in the park or hang out in the dunes behind the beach? Take a moment to relax and breathe in the fresh air for an instant pick-me-up!

Day 28: Celebrate
"The ultimate way to start feeling confident about who you are is to reflect on what you've achieved and congratulate yourself," says Georgia. "So make a list of your achievements, starting with basic things like 'learnt to write', through to any sporting, schooling or extra-curricular achievements." Then celebrate these by doing something you love — buying a new top, painting your nails or watching an entire series of The Vampire Diaries!

Days 29-30: Hang out
Get your best friends together and spend some time swimming at the beach or watching a movie marathon. They'll remind you of how freakin' brilliant you really are (just in case you've already forgotten!).

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