Fashion Fridays with Jess P

Hi guys and welcome to Fashion Fridays with Jess P (aka ME!!!). If your one true love is fashion then this is the blog for you.

12:0AM, Dec 7

Fashion Fridays

Hi guys and welcome to Fashion Fridays with Jess P (aka ME!!!). If your one true love is fashion then this is the blog for you.

Each Friday I'll take you on a small journey through my week, showing you the ins and outs of my experiences in the world of fashion. I'll also be answering reader questions so be sure to send me any of your own fashion dilemmas! You can email me at, just put "Fashion Fridays" in the subject line...

Week 9: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hello girls, it's that time of year again — Christmas time! And in my eyes, even though it's one of the busiest, it's also one of the best times because you can't help but smile when you walk into a store and see it covered in decorations. I love it!

Still, as much as I love the silly season, I DO find it hard doing my Xmas shopping when the stores get a little manic. So this year I've decided to be super organised and have everything planned already. Here are my tips — from where I will be going to some cute DIY items I hope to make. Enjoy!


Make a list of who you need to buy for.
• Next to their name, write a few items you think might work.
• If you can't think of anything, come up with a few words that describe that person eg: Creative/sporty/1D obsessed.
• Have a budget. If you don’t have one you'll overspend and regret it later.
• Think of creative ways to wrap your presents rather than Xmas paper (this could even save you some $$$$ and will look even cuter under the tree!).
• Try and get to the shops nice and early.
• Avoid the lunch-time rush of 12noon to 2pm.
• Stay focussed.
• Eat a good breakfast and pack some snacks — there's no time to stop when you're on a shopping roll! Fruit and nut bars are my faves.
• Research the shops you're going to visit &#!51; check if they have any sales or special deals.
• Make sure you go to a shopping centre that has a variety of stores.
• Have fun and be sure to treat yourself as well at the end. I like to end my shopping adventure with a Lindt chocolate bear! YUMMMM!!!!

Best Xmas shopping hot spots: These are my top shops to do all my Xmas shopping.

• Sportsgirl and General Pants are perfect for small gifts and have always something super cool and quirky. They're great for siblings, best friends and boyfriends.
• Typo is also favourite of mine especially when it comes to Kris Kringle gifts — plus this year I found a great mug I'll be getting Dad!
• Peter Alexander is my go to place for mum and my bestie — they have great Glasshouse candles for mum and lots of cute sleeping packs for my bestie.
• David Jones and Myer have the best candy. Each year I like to splurge on special chocolates or lollies to add to everyone's Xmas presents. Plus I must say I secretly enjoy just walking around the store — it makes me feel happy!

My week in photos
From left to right: Peter Alexander, Typo, David Jones, Peter Alexander, Myer and Sportsgirl.

My week in photos

1. Create your own tags. All you need is cardboard string and a cool stencil.

2. Sugar jars with a twist. Fill a few jars with sugar and add lavender, lemon and lime to each. Nan will love them!

3. Recipe books. A plain note pad and a cool piece of paper is all you need. Add a wooden spoon and wrap paper around it for a little something extra!

4. Ginger bread cookies are a family favourite and super easy. Just head to your nearest super-market and get a box mix or if you want to challenge yourself make them from scratch.

5. DIY your own wrapping paper. Brown paper, string, pompoms and some felt are all I use.

6. Snow globes. You can add whatever you wish.

7. Cooking utensils — buy a few of Mum's favourite utensils and pop them in a cute oven glove.

Reader Question
Dear Jess, I'm getting ready to go on holidays but Mum has told me I can't pack too much. What are the best items to pack for a beach holiday? Alex

Hi Alex,
Thanks for writing in. Packing for a holiday can be tough, but if your destination is a tropical one it makes it a lot easier. Here are my top 10 items to pack which can all be mixed and matched and dressed down for day and up for night! Enjoy your holiday!

Denim shorts, floral dress, a bikini or one-piece, a white tank, fedora hat, thongs, denim jacket, towel, sun-glasses and a great statement necklace.

Well girls that's it from me, I'm off to start my Christmas shopping! Till next week.

Jess P x

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