Missguided have announced their most bad-ss ambassador EVER

She is ICONIC!

By Natasha Harding

For those of you who’ve never heard of Baddie Winkle, she’s 88-years-old and the baddest bae on Instagram who wants to date drake, walk the red carpet with Miley and calls herself a ‘savage with a golden heart’. For reals. With over 2.4 million followers, she’s officially more popular than we could ever hope to be and possesses more swag than Ali G.

Now your fave online store, Missguided, has gone and joined forces with Winkle, tapping her to be the ambassador for their new Party Wear collection and we LOVE everything about it.

The brand cites Baddie’s eccentric style and DGAF attitude as the reason for choosing the Insta-star to head up the campaign and DAYUM does she slayyyyy.

Baddie will now join the liked of iconic badass chicks Pamela Anderson and Amber Rose, who have also fronted Missguided campagins, while also going down on in history as one of the oldest (and sassiest) ambassadors ever.

Ah Baddie, you keep doing you yeah?

Yep, Baddie Winkle is the gift this world doesn't deserve.

Keep your eyes peeled as the new Party Wear campaign launches on Missguided today.

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