Cara Delevingne slams Trump for manufacturing his clothes in Mexico

This is awkward. For Donald.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Cara Delevingne points out Mexican manufacturing on Trump's clothing line

Donald Trump isn’t just your average President. He actually has like, a bazillion business ventures, one being a ~fashion line~. Er... yep.

Although the line seems to be close to #failing, so the clothing is being sold on Amazon and other online stores. Somehow, our gurl Cara Delevingne got her hands on a blazer from his “Signature Collection,” and found this gem on the tag:

The line is actually “Made in Mexico,” and Cara captioned the pic, “Really…?!?!”

It’s ironic because it goes completely against his policy that focuses on American manufacturing, and not to mention that pesky wall he’s put into place.


Now that he’s President, and he’s implementing all these policies to bring jobs back to America, it will be interesting to see how it will affect his businesses that rely heavily on outside countries for manufacturing etc.